Wednesday, June 1, 2016

10 Reasons Why I Love HEB

Disclaimer: While I have not been paid for this post, I have worked with HEB in the past.

Howard E. Butt, what a wonderful man you were. In addition to having the most awesome name ever, you created my favorite place in the whole wide world: HEB. Seriously guys, aside from the weather, it's my favorite part of living in Texas.

HEB isn't your typical grocery store. It's so much more. Not only does it have a focus on local, Texas foods, their stores actually cater directly to the communities they're in. You'll find products in one part of town you won't find just a few miles away. I could go on and on and on about what I love about HEB, but let's get down to my top ten, shall we?

Killer Wine & Beer Selection
On any given weekend there will be at least three sample stands in this section for your tasting pleasure. Typically, the tastes will be for high quality wines that are under $20--totally my price range! For those even more in the Millennial Budget, this 3/10 deal is a prominent display. And their craft beer selection is on point, too.

Come with a list in mind, but let the amazing-ness of the yellow coupons drive your shopping experience. If you're going to be buying bread anyway, why not get the kind that comes with free peanutbutter? It's a no-brainer. And these deals really help you learn about new products you might have passed by on other trips!

Inexpensive High Quality Organic Produce
Eating clean and organic is SO easy when it's this reasonable! For only a buck or two more, you can get the freshest Texas organic produce money can buy. I love their wide selection. Not to mention, the gluten free area is solid as well. Any alternative diet can find what they need at this magical place.

And to take the amazing coupons a step further--THE MEAL DEALS. This is how I made an inexpensive ham dinner for my friend-family during Christmas this year. I bought the ham (~$15) and got the potatoes, drinks, veggies, and dessert for FREE. They regularly have the same deals swapping in and out, and my favorites are the fish tacos and the fajita deals. For the price of the meat, you get a whole dinner.

Awesome Store Brands
I have both a Cocinaware cast iron Dutch oven, and a high end one. And I seriously cannot tell the difference between the two. All the brands HEB carries live up to these high standards, and Cocinaware is one of my favorites. Plus, occasionally those coupon deals will extend to the kitchenware, and you can get all the ingredients to make a banana pudding just for buying a fruit bowl!

Central Market!
HEB's answer to that high-end organic superstore we all call "Whole Paycheck"--Central Market. The standalone supermarkets are amazing and way better than that other store (and less expensive!) but for those who don't live near one, the Central Market brand is prominent throughout the store. I love love love their salsas. So fresh, tasty, and from Texas!

Sales! Circulars!
I look forward to the weekly circular gracing my mailbox. No coupons to clip, just amazing savings every week. Do you see that up there? Strawberries for 87 cents? Be still my heart.

Are you a Texan? Why do you love HEB? Let me know in the comments!