Wednesday, December 2, 2015

25 Days of #Boozemas with a Boozy Advent Calendar!

LOOK AT THAT AMAZINGNESS UP THERE. I won't deny that I adore a good cocktail. So, I decided what better way to count down the days until Christmas than by making a boozy advent calendar?

Check out my first unveiling below! I'll be posting these videos as I make them, or as long as I feel like it, heh.

I figured I'd put as much of a How-To together as I could. See below!

Boozy Advent Calendar Instructions
You'll Need
  • 3 large poster boards
  • 1 roll black duct tape (or one that matches the color of your poster)
  • 1 sheet wrapping paper (roughly the size of your poster board)
  • 25 assorted tiny liquor bottles

  • X-acto knife (or box cutter)
  • Measuring tape
  • Sharpened pencil
  • Paint markers (or paint, for decorating)
  • Bows and other decorations

-Assemble your liquor bottles on one of the poster boards, and tape into place by putting a ring of duct tape behind each bottle and pressing it into place. Make sure to leave about an inch and a half space around each.

-Using a sharpened pencil or toothpick, mark an outline around each bottle, giving a little bit of space around it.

-Follow the outlines with the X-acto knife, cutting through the poster board to make the windows. Keep the bottles in order.

-Place the poster board you just cut windows out of on top of a full poster board and outline the windows in the poster board to make guidelines for where you'll want to tape down your bottles. 

-Tape the cut out bottles to these outlines. Tape down a sheet of wrapping paper to the inside of the windows, so that they are covered.

-Use the measuring tape to determine the height of the tallest bottle (taped down). Add an inch to this measurement, and cut strips of the third poster board that match this width.

-Tape the strips you just cut to the edges of the poster board with the liquor bottles.

-Place the window-cut poster board on top of the box, and tape down.

-Decorate as you please!

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