Monday, September 21, 2015

These are a Few of My Favorite Things... September

It's time for another roundup of Ashley's Favorite Things! ...remember when I was all jazzed to do these on a weekly and/or monthly basis, and then I totally forgot about them? Oops. But it's back! And maybe I'll do more than one this time!

This is basically a round up of things I've been enjoying while I'm out living life in Austin, Texas. You can find MOST of them displayed on my Instagram account (you're following me, right?) as well as a few I threw in for good measure. Some are promo things I've received, most are just things I love, Enjoy!

Drink it Up: Libations of the Month

Buckshot Bourbon

Photo via the Buckshot Facebook Page
There is an adorable little liquor store up my street (liquor store + adorable? Yeah, it works) that I love because 1. The prices are extremely reasonable, and 2. There are always at least two promo people in the tiny, cramped space giving out samples. Last time I popped in this lovely PEPPERED MAPLE BOURBON by Buckshot was the sample of choice. I loved it so much, I bought myself a bottle right then and there. Bourbon is my new love, and this thing makes a killer Old Fashioned. I'm not a huge fan of the hunting-theme--no issue with hunting really, just not my style--or the macho-dude tone the adverts take, but the flavor is more than enough to make up for it. I'll be having my "Midnight Breakfast" (lol love that tagline) often with Buckshot!

Not Your Father's Rootbeer

Have you guys heard of Not Your Father's Rootbeer? It's alcoholic rootbeer, and it's incredible. How has it taken mankind this long to make a rootbeer BEER? I would like to have ALL OF THE ROOTBEER FLOATS with this, please and thank you. And I was shocked to find out a bottle only clocks in at 177 calories! Much less than my typical cider, though this sadly isn't gluten free (ie, Ashley battles the tummy-hurts when she indulges in this). It's a great treat for when you want a little buzz with your rootbeer. I'll be keeping a few in my fridge for rootbeer float emergencies for sure.

Austin Stuff: Where I Eat and Play

The High Ball

Disclaimer: I attended a free event with complimentary food and drinks courtesy of The High Ball. So as you may know, I'm part of the Austin Food Blogger Alliance. This means not only do I get to connect with about a hundred and fifty of Austin's best foodies and recipe creators, but I also get to check out awesome new restaurants, or in the case of High Ball, awesome restaurants' new menus! The High Ball is a karaoke joint attached to the Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar, and in addition to their amazing cocktail list, their snack menu is seriously incredible. AND their hospitality was off the charts when hosting us--they literally gave us every item on the menu to try! And in all honesty, there was not a single weak item on the list. My favorites were the charcuterie boards and the deviled eggs with caviar. Plus the frito pie was the first, and still the best, I ever had in Austin! If you're catching a movie at Alamo or renting a karaoke room, be sure to stop in and grab some grub at High Ball beforehand :)

Blogger Grab Bag: Stuff I Get For Free

Disclaimer: I received products and/or compensation to review and promote these items.

Sesame King Tahini

Tahini: the key ingredient in hummus. A wonderful addition to sandwiches and salads. A tasty Mediterranean treat. If you're looking for tahini, Sesame King has an awesome new look and line of flavors. Sesame King Tahini is the only pasteurized tahini on the market. Sunshine International Foods mechanically hulls its sesame seeds, meaning no chemicals or hulling agents are used during the manufacturing process! It retails at $4.99, which is a lot less than some of the tahinis I've seen. Be sure to check it out the next time you're having a Mediterranean style meal!

Haphazard Fashionista: Because I'm #Basic and #OwnIt

 The Elephant Pants

How often do you buy something based on a Facebook ad? Myself, not much. But these pants were just too cute to pass up, and for $20 for a Mystery Box, they were pretty reasonable too! My box contained an adorable pair of shorts, a watch, and a ring, all with their signature elephant design. I was thrilled with it all, until my well-meaning fella did the laundry. Unfortunately, the pants shrunk. I'm working on decreasing my butt circumference, so I'm not going to toss them yet. Just be aware: you cannot put these in the dryer. Fashion Grab Bags, specifically the Fashion Grab Bags. There isn't a set grab bag, it goes by company and pops up every so often. Keep an eye out and buy them while you can, because they are an INCREDIBLE deal! $7.99 per bag for the White Plum deal recently, and I got two. This was my haul. Two dresses, three shirts, a pair of shorts, a pair of socks, and a necklace. All wicked cute and will get a ton of use in my wardrobe! These deals pop up at the end of a company's run with, most frequently at the end of a season. Be careful though, you may quickly get addicted to, as I have...

What products/services/brands are YOU enjoying this month? Let me know in the comments!

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    also the best man at our wedding brought not your father's rootbeer and people looooved it!