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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things - June 2015

*Disclosure: Items I received for free or a discount are marked with an asterisk. I stand by all products I mention on my blog, and would never mislead my readers just for free product or compensation! Please note that referral links may be used in product descriptions.

Hey all! I've been toying with the idea of having a regular round up of things I love, what do you think? Still trying to decide on a name... As I get more opportunities to try food-and-lifestyle-related things, I need a way to tell y'all which ones I actually recommend! 

Drink It Up - Libations of the Month

Beso Del Sol Sangria* - I love Sangria. It's the ultimate party drink. Quick, affordable, delicious. I typically make a big batch and put it in a punch bowl whenever friends are over. Beso Del Sol makes the ease of sangria truly effortless by putting it in a box! Either jazz it up with your favorite sangria accoutréments (sliced fruit, brandy, soda), or simply drink chilled or over ice. I am seriously loving this stuff and am going to keep this pretty box in my fridge all summer long. I also think it'd make a great granita!--recipe coming soon ;)

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Rocks Premium Mixers - I tasted a sample of this amazing mixer by Rocks Premium Mixers at Spec's during their food festival and ended up snagging a bottle. It was under $10, low calorie, and absolutely delicious. It seriously tastes like any drink you'd find on a tropical beach! There's no expiration date on the bottle, so I pour myself a glass over my favorite rum or vodka when I want a fruity, tropical tasting drink to wind down after a long day. Preferably near the pool. 

Austin Stuff - Where I Eat and Play

Vox Table - Whenever the fiancé and I put aside the funds for a date night, it typically goes like this: I sift through my food blogger channels and write down all the new restaurants I want to try, or old restaurants I still haven't been to, and send the list to the picky eater love of my life to sift through. I was surprised that he chose somewhere as adventurous as Vox Table. It's a small plate place with French and Italian influence. The plates come one by one, with space in between to talk. We enjoyed some seriously killer cocktails (a whole menu dedicated to my personal favorite--an old fashioned!) and nearly licked every plate clean. The potato churros were the most memorable side dish, while the octopus and short rib were stand out mains. The chocolate cherry dessert was incredible as well. We're definitely going to be back!

Coldtowne Theater - As some of you may know, I've been taking classes at Coldtowne since about October. I gifted myself Level 1 classes as a birthday gift, not knowing if I'd even like improv, and have been hooked ever since. It's not the scripted theater I'm used to--I've been in plays, mostly musicals since about 6 years old up until moving to Austin--but it's wonderful in its own right. I'm currently in Level 4, and performing Wednesdays with my troupe Darth Brooks at 10pm. Whether you're looking to take a class for whatever reason--meeting new people, learning to flex creative muscles, or a long-love of performing--or see incredible comedy (shows 7 nights a week!) it's definitely worth checking out!

Techy Stuff I Guess?

Grubhub - I loved Postmates... until I switched jobs. Suddenly, I'm out of area of both of my go-to delivery apps. One's fee is way too high, and the other won't even deliver. On a whim, I checked out my old faithful delivery service from college in Boston, Grubhub, and what do you know? It's available in Austin, too! And it delivers for a typical fee to both my home and work. Score! Plus their friend referral is pretty great. Check it out, they probably deliver in a city near you! If you're interested in joining, email me your email address and I'll send you a link for $7 off!

Buzzfeed - I made a community list! Check it out! Level Up Your Day Drinking Game With These Classy Cocktails The more likes/shares/interactions it gets, the more Buzzfeed will love it ;)

I Feel Pretty - Beauty and Lifestyle Picks

Ipsy - Who doesn't love discovering new beauty products? And getting fun packages in the mail? I know I've mentioned them before, but I've since tried other subscription services and this is the only one that's stuck. For $10 a month you get 4-6 large sample to full size products. It's great! I've found some new favorites during the time I've been with the service, stuff I probably never would have tried otherwise. Their beauty game has been on point lately, and I've been loving everything. If you're interested, please use my referral link!

It's a 10 - Have you seen my hair? It's pretty insane. Huge, chunky curls with a lovely halo of frizz. I've been straightening my hair regularly since about 14, but lately I've been trying to leave it natural to reduce damage. It is HARD to find a solid hair product that keeps my curls soft (not crunchy!) while still reducing frizz. This product is amazing. Yes, it's pricey, but by using CVS's regular coupons and Walgreens' rewards, I can get the cost down a bit. Plus you can find them occasionally in Marshall's or Nordstrom Rack. If you have frizzy, over-processed, or damaged hair, it's truly a godsend. I spray liberally all over my hair after the shower, put a bit of serum on the ends, then use a curl creme and I'm good to go. Soft, bouncy wavy curls. This is down from the 5+ products I was using before!

Current Events - When My "Bleeding Heart" Needs to Speak

Jon Stewart - I never know if I should mention anything political here--after all, it's a food blog, and nobody is coming here to start a debate. If anything, it should be a place to enjoy the more positive things in life--like food. However, it's getting harder and harder to ignore these tragic events, and I feel like staying silent when I have even a tiny platform here is almost as bad as not being supportive at all. I've had a lot of trouble knowing exactly what to say in response to the tragedy in Charleston... and even beforehand, with the glaring inequalities so many of our citizens are facing. As someone whose race has never played a part in anything from my daily life to personal achievements to even just simply being able to not be terrified at a traffic stop... it's hard to know what to say to friends who are directly affected by these events. I'm not sure if there's anything I can say here that John Stewart doesn't say better in his opening monologue. To say it's worth a listen is an understatement. No matter what side of the fence you fall on politically, you need to hear this.

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