Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Diet Destroyer: Snickers Salad, aka the Pudding of Doom

I have successfully signed the fiancé up for the same gym I go to, in an effort to convince him to drag me there with him. I have a fridge full of whole foods ready to be turned into low carb goodness. I have some low carb/low cal frozen treats in the freezer in case my sweet tooth hits.

I have... a giant picture of snickers salad up there. I know, I KNOW.

Cue my friends back in New England going "What the HELL is Snickers SALAD?!"

It is a great and terrible thing, my friends. It's basically pudding with added sugar. Topped with caramel.

And yeah, it's friggin delicious. The best "salad" you'll ever have.

I've been sitting on this recipe for a few months now, so I figured I should post it before it taunts me from my computer files, begging me to make another bowl. I will NOT. I will get it out of the way now so as not to tempt myself later.

And to anyone who is blessed enough to not be dieting right now... you're welcome.

Snickers Salad, aka The Pudding of Doom*

  • 1 package French vanilla instant pudding + ingredients on box
  • 1 container Cool Whip
  • 3 Snickers bars, cut into tiny chunks
  • 2 granny smith apples, cubed
  • Caramel, to top

-Make instant pudding, according to directions. Fold in Cool Whip and remaining ingredients. Top with caramel. Serve cold.

*No one actually calls it that. Just me.


  1. I love that you're calling it the pudding of doom! I recently learned about Snickers Salads and now I'm pretty sure I need to make one....


  2. pudding of doom! ha! we have a bag that i call the bag of doom...basically a huge bag of papers that need to be filed that we haven't filed in the month since we bought our house and moved. ummm... yikes. pudding of doom is much better. i never heard of this salad until a couple years ago when i moved south to tennessee. i've never tried it though!

  3. HOLY HEAVENS.....the title says it all!!!

  4. I love the title of this bowl of decadence! WOWZA!!

  5. it totally is the pudding of doom - of course in the BEST way possible :)

  6. You are killing me! I could go for this RIGHT NOW! I will wait until after my anniversary photo shoot this Sunday though, lol.

  7. HAHA this recipe sounds so ominous! BRING ON THE APOCALYPSE - I will exit this world with this Snickers salad in hand. Awesome recipe :)

  8. Yes, please! I need this salad in my life! I've been trying to cut back, but couldn't resist this. It has apples, it cancels out the calories, right?