Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Blog Gods Hate Me.

It's November. I've yet to post a single Thanksgiving recipe. Let me tell you my sad, sad tale.

So my Canon Rebel T3 is lost in the mail. Officially. The post office has even suggested we file the insurance claim.

Anyone know how long those take? My guess is: a long. ass. time.

Camera, memory card with 4 years of photos, and lens: poof. Lost in the abyss that is the Austin Postal System.

So I have fiancé's camera. It's older, bulkier, and less user-friendly for people like me who guess and check and hope for the best.

But the enormous memory card it takes, with the last 3 recipes I've created and saved, is MIA. No idea where that is.

We're getting a new card for the recipes/pictures I need to take for an upcoming campaign (fingers crossed we can find one, I haven't seen one of those dinosaurs in years), but seriously.

Did I mention my iPhone 4S took a bath last summer and the camera has never been the same? I can't even fudge it in the meantime with PHONE PICTURES, ugh!

W.T.F, Blog Gods??

Send some good vibes my way. Specifically camera-finding good vibes.


  1. Was the package with your camera insured? At least then you have a little luck! I always waive the fee, opting to chance it rather than spend another $1. Hopefully they push it through quickly!

  2. UGH this all sucks!! I can't believe your camera is lost in the mail :( I hope things start to look up soon!!