Sunday, August 31, 2014

Why I Want to go to Byte of Texas! #ByteofTexas

So. The Austin Food Blogger Alliance is presenting this amazing conference called "Byte of Texas," a two day conference dedicated to celebrating the rich food history of Texas!

There are three scholarships available to cover the cost of a ticket, and all you have to do is write a blog post about why you'd like one. I'm coming in right under the wire here but, if you see this and want to post TODAY about why you'd like to win a scholarship to the Byte of Texas, head on over to the ABFA blog post about it and get crackin!

Here's why I'd love to get a scholarship for the event:

1. I'm the new kid in town. I moved to Austin just under a year ago and have been discovering and falling in love with Texas food ever since I set my feet on Texas soil. I'd love to have some sort of direction in my future experiences with the cuisine--how to properly showcase Texas influence in my own cooking, and how to get the most out of sampling it when dining out. The blogger culture is so rich here, and I'd love to hear what native Texans have to say about cooking and eating all the amazing food in this state.

2. Conferences are typically just out of my budget. QLCC is truly a labor of love for me, and while it doesn't matter too much that my blog makes hardly any money (I'll get a food sample here or there but my Google ads has never once hit the $100 minimum to cash out in my four years of blogging), it can get frustrating when I don't have the money to participate in things like this. My day job (while I love it) can't support too much more of my "cooking habit" other than buying ingredients and the occasional decorative plate for food styling. Anything over $50 for a night or two out, I can't really do. I've looked for sponsorships in the past, but my blog isn't quite big enough to get the eyes of someone willing to invest in me as a representative. It'd be great to see what blog conferences are all about, and learn helpful tips so that maybe my blog will someday be self-sustainable.

3. I have so much to learn! I've read some books, browsed internet lists, and gotten advice from veteran bloggers. I try to grow my blog the best I can, but a lot of it is throwing stuff to the wall and seeing what sticks. With focuses on Food & Culture, Digital Communications, and Photography, the Byte of Texas would definitely help further my knowledge in all things blog! The keynote panel is full of amazing bloggers who know their stuff. And with panels like "Writing for Texas Culture" (which I could definitely benefit from), "Finding Your Voice," and "Beyond Manual Mode" I could learn so much from any ONE of these panels! Plus getting to meet brands and other bloggers would be a great networking opportunity.

Even if I don't get the scholarship, I'm going to try my best to scrape together funds for a ticket. It looks like an incredible event that I could learn SO much from! Best of luck to all who entered for the scholarship :)

Byte of Texas is presented by the Austin Food Blogger Alliance (AFBA). AFBA seeks to support a local membership of food bloggers and the community through educational initiatives, social events, philanthropic endeavors, and by upholding a commonly shared code of ethics. For more information, visit AFBA’s website.

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