Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sailor Jerry's Backyard BBQ at Stubb's

 Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Sailor Jerry Backyard BBQ at Stubb's here in Austin. I wasn't able to stay as long as I would have liked – due to my own stupidity at forgetting cash to tip the various staff members serving us free items, AND the fact that our dog had been home alone all day – but the time I did spend there was awesome!

In my college days I was partial to another seafaring man rum peddlar, but in recent years Sailor Jerry has been my man. It's high quality rum, in my post-college-pre-adult price range, and it's 92 proof. All sorts of wins.

This was also my first time sampling Stubb's awesome BBQ, and even better, the pulled pork sandwiches were slathered with Sailor Jerry infused BBQ sauce! The spicy kick of Sailor Jerry's was so good I'm going to have a hard time having BBQ without it. Thankfully there's a recipe in the back of the handy-dandy BBQ booklet we got at the swag table ;)

The fiancé was pleased that I finally brought him to a foodie event that had decent portions of food. He's a BBQ fiend so I was happy to finally bring him to an event he enjoyed – yay!

The coolest thing about the party? FREE TATTOOS.

No joke, Sailor-Jerry-Style tattoos, legit on-your-body-forever-tattoos for free. Though we got there when the line was short and totally could have gotten them, since we both have tattoos and know that tipping your artist is of the utmost importance and BOTH of us forgot cash AND our debit cards... we had to decline. However, a search of #sailorjerry on instagram shows the awesome tattoos that better prepared people got, and they were pretty damn awesome.

Finally, the star of the show: Sailor Jerry's complimentary cocktails. I only tried two (again, only had what was hidden at the bottom of my purse for tip money and TIPPING IS IMPORTANT, GUYS!!) but they were incredible. Jerry & Ginger used our favorite rum with a bit of legit ginger beer. The spices blended together perfectly; this was Cory's favorite of the night. After downing a Jerry & Ginger, I decided to try the Spiced Colada.

This was, no joke, the best pina colada of my life. OF. MY. LIFE. And I've had some resort-by-the-beach-$13-situations in my day (just that one time, at that one resort, but it was my former favorite). They were sweet, but the sweet was cut perfectly by the spice. My brain wheels are turning, trying to figure out how to make my own once I get a decent blender!

We weren't able to stay long enough to hear much music, but the first band was pretty rockin'. Stubb's is an awesome venue and hopefully I get out to more shows there this summer.

If I wasn't already a fan of the awesome Sailor Jerry, this party would have sealed the deal. What a great party for fans, and an awesome way to welcome in what is surely going to be a Sailor Jerry summer!