Thursday, June 12, 2014

Austin Dishcrawl - Dishcrawling Near the Capitol

So, back in Massachusetts, I was pretty obsessed with this thing called Dishcrawl. Basically, aside from being the best thing ever, it's a pub crawl turned grub crawl: 3-4 restaurants, each a surprise. It's really cool! They're in most major cities, so visit the Dishcrawl website and see if there's one near you!

Whereas in MA, I was excited to see restaurants I already knew and loved, in Austin I was even MORE excited to try restaurants that were 100% new to me! This was Austin's second Dishcrawl, and it was in a part of town I'd never eaten in: the part around the Capitol building.

First up was Scholz Garten. Our fearless leader, Jess, gathered us all in the front of the restaurant. Seeing that I was alone and super awkward, she placed me at a table with others who had came on their own--another food blogger and a photographer then I later met another food blogger and another photographer--and I was super grateful to have some new friends to chat with while we were served the following:

That is a mini German smorgasbord right there. Chef Alex gave us nibbles of Jager Schnitzel, Bratwurst, Sauerkraut, Potato Salad a Pretzel Bite with spicy mustard. I scarfed it down (jager is my favorite schnitzel) and got a fruity cider to pair it with. We then got a full tour of the facility... which even has its own bowling alley. Very cool. 

Next, we walked. Mostly uphill. But the reward was worth it. Our next stop was Goodall's, which is the hotel restaurant for Hotel Ella. This place was so friggin classy I felt like I had to have my pinkie up for the duration of the meal.

Chef Cory (heh, great name!) made up some tasty bites for us, as you can see. Pork Meatballs with Queso Fresco, Fluke Ceviche with Grapefruit (YUM!!) Breadsticks with dipping sauces, and an assortment of Cheeses with fruit.

Everything was delicious. The entire time I was fantasizing about taking a weekend and coming here to "get away from it all" with my fiancé even though it's only 20 minutes from where we live. Awesome atmosphere, and the drinks looked amazing even though I skipped them this round.

Finally, we ended the night by trekking back downhill for our last stop of the night.

Passing by this Austin piece of graffiti

Indian Food! From Teji's, right near this graffiti. As you may have gleaned from my past posts, my fiancé is not a very adventurous eater. That's why I was SO excited to try some excellent Indian food! SO MUCH INDIAN FOOD. I was only able to take large bites of each, as my belly was super full by this point. We got to taste Chicken Tikka Masala (my favorite!), Palak Aloo, Rice, Naan and Rass Malaii for dessert.

In addition to the INCREDIBLE food, I got a beer for THREE. DOLLARS. Even with Austin's lower booze prices (compared to Massachusetts, at least!) I was shocked to see a $3 beer during a non-happy-hour. 

Overall, this was a really great first Dishcrawl for Austin! I am so excited for future crawls, and I cannot wait to see what comes next :) I'm sure Jess has something excellent planned.

For a list of Dishcrawl events in your area, please visit their website! For Austin-specific Dishcrawl news, follow their Facebook Page. Disclaimer: I received a reduced price ticket in exchange for blog coverage, but all opinions are my own. I repeat: I LOVE DISHCRAWL!


  1. All of that food looks SO delicious. I miss Austin and seriously need to plan a trip ASAP!


  2. SO MUCH FUN-I wanna visit Austin soooo badly!