Tuesday, May 20, 2014

FYI: Dishcrawl Austin is TOMORROW!

Dishcrawl Greenfield, MA
People's Pint

I'm excited.

Wanna know why?


Dishcrawl Greenfield

Upon leaving Western Mass, my local Dishcrawl rep, Jenn, informed me that Austin did not have a Dishcrawl chapter. I was devastated. I loved the regular foodie event, which takes diners on a little trek through three to four different local restaurants for only $45. That's like a three course meal, often with tiny courses inside those larger ones to really give you a "taste" of the restaurant.

Not only was I sad that Austin wasn't taking part, but I was confused - the ultimate foodie city was without a Dishcrawl? I had been hoping to hop on a Dishcrawl upon reaching Austin, to get a proper introduction to the rich foodie scene here. To say I was disappointed was an understatement.

Dishcrawl Northampton, MA
Eastside Grill

That's why I was excited beyond belief when I discovered that the Austin chapter was actually brand new, and starting in May!

From the press release:  On Wednesday, May 21st, come eat with neighbors and friends in the one of the upcoming foodiest towns in the nation. With the diverse and quickly growing food scene that can be found in Austin, the downtown area is ready to show us some culinary bravado and specifically, we want to spend some time near the Capitol and in the shadows of UT. Chefs of three restaurants invite you to explore their culinary delights in the shadows of the Capitol. Reservations are limited, but still being accepted

Halloween Dishcrawl, Amherst, MA... I kiiinda went all out.

On May 21 (TOMORROW!) we'll be meeting at Scholz Garden. There's still tickets available, and can be purchased here.

I'll be there, camera in tow, excitedly nomming down all that Austin has to offer. I hope to see any local Austinites there!

Dishcrawl Northampton, MA
Local Burger

Some more info from the website: Dishcrawl creates dining experiences and events to satisfy anyone’s craving. You can find your local Dishcrawl Ambassador leading you through progressive dinners, prix fixe dinners, and other fun food events! From culinary experiences in real life to great stories about local culture online, Dishcrawl spans 250 cities across the US, Canada, and soon the UK. To begin your food adventure, visit Dishcrawl.com.

Here are my reviews of my Western Mass Dishcrawls, stay tuned for my review of my first Dishcrawl in Austin!

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