Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ashley's Favorite Things -- Honest Fizz, and Honest Review

Hey all! Welcome to Ashley's Favorite Things (alternative title pending), a new thing I'm trying out where I review new products that I love. They may be food, beauty, or lifestyle related, basically the only requirement is that I've tried and loved them. I will disclose when I have received things for free, and if you are a PR person wishing to send me something you can do so by emailing me at quarterlifecrisiscuisine (at) gmail (dot) com. Let me know what you think of my new review section in the comments!

When I stumbled upon the lost-looking promo girl in the local behemoth Whole Foods, I was pretty much only taking a sample of Honest Fizz because it was that, a sample. Have you ever heard of freegans? I think I have freegan tendencies, I just cannot pass up a sample. I have fond memories of my late father taking my brother and I for what he called "free lunch" where we'd gorge ourselves on three rounds of free samples at the tiny Whole Foods location near his house.

However, I was surprised at how tasty this zero calorie soda truly was! I took the coupon from the promo girl and added a box of Honest Fizz Orange Pop to my cart.

As someone who's been struggling with various diets for the past two years, diet soda has been kind of a crutch for me. I love soda, and while I know diet isn't always the best sub, it's helped me get through a lot of cravings for the full-sugar variety. I love Honest Fizz because they don't compromise on flavor. Typically, when I grab a diet soda, I set myself up for disappointment: it's not going to taste as good. Not so, with Honest Fizz!

Here are some quick stats from their website:

  • Naturally Sweetened with Truvia®
  • Zero Calories
  • Naturally Flavored
  • Caffeine Free
  • Gluten Free / Kosher
  • No-GMOs

I am totally on board with all of this. Truvia (a Stevia extract) is my favorite sugar sub. It tastes the most like cane sugar to me, but without the calories.

Jordan, from Honest Tea, was kind enough to send me all flavors to review. Actually, first I was sent regular Honest Tea (Peach and Sweet Tea) by mistake, and while I appreciated it, I am not big on tea. Fiancé brought them to work though, and they were gone within a couple days, so that's testament to how awesome Honest Tea is at their main product ;)

Here's what I think of the Honest Fizz flavors:

Orange Pop: This was the first one I tried, and probably my favorite of the bunch. The orange flavor is somewhat reminiscent of somewhere between sparkling orange juice drinks and regular orange soda, without being overwhelmingly sweet like its full-sugar cousins. I love pretty much everything about this one.

Lemon Limey: Probably the closest in flavor to its full-sugar lemon lime soda counterparts. I love the fresh flavor in this and have already used it to accompany some summer cocktails. If you had told me there wasn't any sugar in this one, I wouldn't have believed you if I hadn't read the label with my own eyes.

Root Beer: This may have been the most "diet" tasting out of all the Honest Fizz sodas, but not by much. I think I just have too strong of a memory of full-sugar root beer. However, the flavor is just fine and it definitely satisfies a craving. I'd love to turn this into a root beer float in the future!

Professor Fizz: I didn't read the label before taking a sip, and I was totally expecting a black cherry soda. Turns out, Professor Fizz is very similar in flavor to a certain soda with a doctorate that we all know... ahem. Anyways, like Root Beer you can kind of tell this is a less-sugar-packed version of the old favorite, but it's a perfectly acceptable one. I love having this as a zero calorie option.

Overall it's a great line. The only missing piece I see is a cola flavor... as I am a freaking cola FIEND... but that might be hard to do if they're sticking with being caffeine free. I love the fact that I can grab an Honest Fizz Root Beer when I'm craving a soda, without the guilt of knowing I'm ingesting a ton of sugar.


  1. I usually turn to Zevia for a no-cal soda, but I'll have to keep an eye out for there. Zevia's take on Dr Pepper isn't as good as regular DDP, but I sadly try to avoid those creepy artificial sweeteners.

  2. I have tried Zevia several times trying to like it because I want the soda flavor, but it tastes terrible to me. Found honest fizz at big lots and tried the Root Beer and the Professor Fizz. Enjoyed them both very much. Wasn't sure because I have been disappointed in the past with other healthier low cal sodas so I only bought one of each. Wishing I would have bought a bunch because I loved both. Wish
    I had a place to buy them closer because the store I bought them at is 50 min. from home. Try it, I think you will like it!