Monday, March 31, 2014


 hay guise 2day im gonna share a recipee wit u all for my favorit recipe its TOAST!!1

so toastt is so eazy to maik but sumtimes it can seem liek its not so eazy but its ok just stay wit me ok??

first u gotta get yr bred and your butter PROTIP if u use spread butter it wont run yr TOAST!!1 i jus hate wen you got toast and then it is gets all broke bcuz you press with the nife too hard u kno?

k enuff about that here is the recipee!!!

Things U Need
-yr favorit bred

-toaster (or toasterr oven leik I have here)
-plate for wen toadt is done
-nife for butter

-mak sure yr bred is no moldy. moldy bred is ugh.,

-put bred in toaster or if yu hav a toaster oven use taht bcuz thats whut i have here

-toast bred yu don want it not toasted but you dont want it burnt so watch it close unles u like burnd bred but i dont

-PPut butter on toast and let it melt a littel so its all melty


PROTIP it can be glutin free if yu use glutin free bred but it migt taste a lil differint.

u culd use penut butters but jam too

its so good and for brekfest or maybe use for sandwich for lunch or BRUNCH cuz brunch is best its liek brekfest AND lunch so good.

IF YOU LYKE DIS RECIPEE U SHULD SHARE IT ON STUFF! Pintrest is best xuz theres lots of kool stuff on here!1

*APRIL FOOLS*I just tried to put together the worst recipe and writing style I could think of. Full disclosure: I actually feel bad for Fake Ashley who wrote this, she just really loves that toast and wants to share it with the world! ...seriously though, that was so difficult to write. I kept having to go back and misspell things because I was on autopilot.

I was inspired by the messages I used to get on my old dating profile, heh.

Did any of you get fooled today? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. bahahahaaaaa I totally was worried you'd been hacked or something!!

  2. I totally thought you got hacked too haha

  3. OMG I thought you were hacked!!! I almost didn't click!

  4. Man, I was looking for a really good recipe on toast! Thanks so much! ;-)