Sunday, March 23, 2014

Jaeger Schnitzel -- Kitchen Wins

So, I know I said the potato chips would be the next recipe I post BUT I couldn't keep this one in any longer. Potato chips will be coming soon, no worries. Or, I might make it a Facebook-exclusive recipe... we'll see. Anyway.

Most recipes I make are new recipes. Something I've never tried, with new ingredients or using new techniques. Often, I end up with something that may or may not be tasty, but definitely isn't photo-worthy. When the stars align and somehow it all comes together and I create a recipe that is a success both taste-and-visually? It's cause for celebration.

As was the case with this jaeger schnitzel (weiner schnitzel with mushroom sauce). Before I left western Massachusetts, I had a divine meal at a German restaurant and got this amazing dish. Ever since, I'd been toying with it in my mind to make it tummy-friendly for my gluten sensitivity.

The Fiancé even devoured this dish!--not a TOTAL surprise, since it didn't really have any veggies, but still. When he fills his plate and goes back for more you know it's a win.

When it works, it just works. This meal is incredible. Next time I'll toy with trying to make spaetzle, but I didn't quite have the time this go around. I left in the dairy, even though that doesn't always agree with me, and the flavor was definitely worth it.

The directions are a little involved, but overall it's a very easy recipe! I had most of these things on hand, too, so the whole process took about 20 minutes. A great idea for a quick, easy, DELICIOUS dinner :)

Jaeger Schnitzel (Gluten Free)
(Inspired by this recipe)

  • 4 large boneless, skinless pork chops, pounded thin with a mallet to 1/4" thickness
  • 1 cup almond meal
  • 3 tbs gluten free flour
  • 2 tsp cajun seasoning or cayenne pepper
  • 1/4 tsp. salt
  • 1/4 tsp ground pepper
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tbs butter
  • 1 tbs olive oil

For the Sauce

  • 1 small onion, chopped
  • 2 tbs butter
  • 1/5 cups mushrooms, sliced
  • 1/2 cup chicken broth
  • 1/2 cup white wine (I used chardonnay)
  • 1/2 cup + 2 tsp heavy cream
  • 2 tbs corn starch
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp pepper
  • 3 tbs parsley, freshly chopped

-Melt 2 tablespoons butter with olive oil in skillet.

-Mix together almond flour, salt, pepper, and cajun seasoning in one bowl. Spread gluten-free flour on a plate. Lightly coat each thin chop with the gluten free flour, then dip into the egg wash, and finally coat generously with the almond meal mixture.

-Place breaded chops two by two in your skillet and cook each side until crispy--about 3-4 minutes per side. Put on a paper-towel lined plate and keep warm while you prepare the sauce.

-For the sauce: cook onion until translucent and add sliced mushrooms, let cook until the mushrooms are just soft.

-Add broth and wine, cook until steaming. Add 1/2 cup of the cream, bring to a boil and simmer for several minutes.

-Mix remaining 2 tablespoons of cream with 2 tablespoons of corn starch. Add slurry to mushroom mixture and bring to a boil, stirring vigorously to avoid clumps. Add parsley, salt and pepper to taste.

-Serve with mushroom sauce spooned over cutlets. Traditionally with a potato side dish, or as I've done here with a big helping of buttered peas.


  1. Looks delicious! I'll have to try this one.

  2. I was blessed enough to live in Germany for 3 years and absolutely love any form of schnitzel, especially jaeger schnitzel. This looks wonderful and I love the almond flour idea. I bet that adds its own layer of flavor in a traditional sort of dish.

  3. Ashley, so, you made "Jägerschnitzel" - your version looks quite delicious. Today there are a lot of variations on this traditional recipe such as adding a tomato-based sauce to the Schnitzel but the creamy mushroom version is still the very best and the one we prefer!
    Wonderfully done - by the way, do you happen to own a "Spätzle press" - it makes easy work of making homemade Spätzle. Maybe I should send you one...
    All the best and greetings from Bonn,

    1. Thanks! It means a lot that someone in the know approves of the recipe ;)

      I don't have a spatzle press! I need to find one, I was trying to figure out how to make a colander work for it but gave up and just had the peas. I'd love to get one someday!

  4. This looks awesome! We love German foods so much. In "The German Cookbook" they just cut the spatzle dough by hand, which is what I've done. It works perfectly fine (though I do have a press somewhere in the basement.....

  5. I can definitely see why this was a WIN with the fiance!! Total meat and potatoes comfort food!

  6. Whoa I love the sound and looks of that sauce! One of my best friends loves any type of german food - I'll have to make this the next time I see her!

  7. You're such a good housewife :P Well done chickie!

  8. Gorgeous Jäegerschnitzel, Ashley! I love when the stars align like that for food blogging. It's always a blessing welcomed with open arms. We enjoy Jäegerschnitzel at our favorite place in Indy, The Rathskeller. (You would love it there...stunningly beautiful vintage building and an all Bavarian feel inside. They even have a Biergarten, open in the spring and summer, with excellent live bands and the German beers just keep flowin'. You can check it out at and view their menu for inspiration. They have wedding receptions there, etc. Great place. I could live there!) Anyway, wanted to tell you...hubby and I stopped by a couple nights ago for a) me to catch up on reading your blog and b) to introduce you to hubby. (I keep saying, "the Ashley that moved from Boston to Austin and does paleo", LOL! Honestly, there are so many Ashleys in food blogging.) So, we watched your Novelty Chocolate Dong into Valentine's Day Brownies vid. You totally cracked us up! Great job with the entertainment factor. Thanks for sharing your gluten free version of this recipe. I can't wait to make it and have to watch my dairy, too. But, I can handle it in small amounts. Can't wait for your foray into making homemade Spätzle! I'm still working on making my great grandmother's authentic Hungarian dumplings gluten free for her Chicken Paprikash of my favorites since childhood! So happy to finally catch up with you while I'm up late working. Enjoy the rest of your week, girl!

    1. Aw, thank you so much! Glad you like the blog so much! I feel bad I haven't been a good commenter on my favorite blogs now (like yours!) so hopefully I'll be better about that.

      Glad you liked the video! It was my first one ever and I felt foolish but glad it's making people giggle :)

  9. Wow! That looks absolutely incredible. Seriously drooling here.

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