Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fat Tuesday Cake

Happy Fat Tuesday, everyone! My goal is to be in New Orleans for this next year (Bucket List: be present for a Mardi Gras while I can still be mistaken for a college student), but at this rate I'll have to start saving for that adventure NOW... or like, six months ago, so oh well.

Actually, this isn't a celebratory cake at all. I literally forgot what day it was until TODAY when all the blogs flooded the internet with beignets and king cakes and all those holiday-appropriate foods. This was simply an "I Deserve a Cake" cake.

The traditional King cakes freak me out because I have a wicked aversion to plastic in or near my food, and with a King Cake you never know if you're going to get a surprise tiny plastic baby in your cake. This is apparently good luck? Ew no. Reusable plastic dinnerware grosses me out, I'm convinced the plastic fumes will flavor my food *gag*, and the idea of a plastic baby all up in my cake makes me feel sick.

I am weird and have weird phobias, okay? Large images of space are another one. Keep me far away from planetariums, thanks.

So no, no King Cake for this lady. Just an HEB gluten free box cake mix. And homemade frosting. And some sprinkles, to be fancy about it all and maybe vaguely give a nod to the upcoming St. Patrick's Day holiday that is coming up even though the sprinkles are from Christmas.

For gluten free, this is more than decent. And only ballpark $3 at HEB, it's a total steal. I am in love with HEB.

Actually, just about any cake tastes awesome with marshmallow frosting. Frosting I specifically spooned on to look RUSTIC, and not because I suck at decorating cakes, heh.

Full disclosure: I ate a slice of cake for dinner last night. Because I'm an ADULT and I can do that.

Marshmallow Buttercream Frosting

  • 2 sticks butter, room temp
  • 1 jar marshmallow cream
  • 2 cups+ confectioners sugar
  • 3 tbs milk
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

-In a stand or hand mixer, whip butter until light and fluffy. Add marshmallow creme and slowly add confectioners sugar until mixture has about doubled in size.

-Slowly add milk until desired consistency is reached. Add vanilla.

-Frost a cake.


  1. Adults CAN eat cake for dinner! Your post made me think of this post and thus made me smile: http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2007/07/you-are-owed-chocolate-cake/

  2. I totally hate plastic in/around my food. I use aluminum foil for everything and refuse to use plastic wrap. Or plastic containers -- I only use glass. If it's in there for even a second, all I taste is plastic forever. I don't think we're weird, I think everyone else is weird for wanting weird things baked into their cakes!

  3. yeah I don't like random objects inside my food (I always hated the idea of being proposed to via engagement ring in the food also like...WHAT IF I ATE IT?!)

    your cake looks suuuuper tasty and moist and just mmmm

    1. Haha yeah! Put it on TOP of the cake, that's okay. Not IN!

  4. Ashley, what a moist looking chocolate cake with fancy frosting - I like the idea of serving cake for dinner, especially what it has a Marshmellow Buttercream Frosting and green sprinkles too...- we do not bake King Cakes for Fat Tuesday but we enjoy a so-called "Three Kings Cake" on January 6th - in honor of the three wise men - it is made with puff pastry and marzipan filling - be that as it may - hope you really enjoyed this cake and I will keep my fingers crossed for next years´project about spending Fat Tuesday in New Orleans!

  5. It might be too late to pretend to be a college student, but I want to go to New Orleans too! :D Love your marshmallow buttercream frosting! Sounds delicious, and love how you quickly put together a pretty cake! :)

  6. I always wondered if anyone ever broke a tooth or choked on the plastic baby in the cake, so I think you're right to skip it. Meanwhile, whatever HEB is, I want it because the GF cake looks incredible!

    1. Haha! It's a supermarket out here in Texas. I LOVE IT. It's huge, has a great organic/gluten-free section at the best prices for these options I've ever seen. $3 store brand gluten free mix next to a $6 main brand one. It's awesome! Plus on the weekends the free samples are killer...

  7. Ha! The idea of finding a baby in my cake slice definitely weirds me out more than the fact that it's plastic. But tradition is tradition, I guess? I just dont' know why it has to be a baby of all things! Your cake looks awesome! So fun for celebrating, no matter what exactly is being celebrated!

    1. You are the queen of cakes so that means a lot ;)

      I think the baby is the baby Jesus? I have no idea. There are other things that get put in the traditional cake too, like a (typically fake) diamond ring or money. Metal and stones and money are totally okay in my food. Plastic, no. NO.

  8. Fat Tuesday LOL. Everytime I come on here you make me laugh. I want some of that cake.!