Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Austin Eats: The Best Fried Chicken in Austin -- Ms P's Electric Cock

I have no idea why, but ever since November, I've been craving one thing and one thing only: fried chicken. The craving is so intense that sometimes I'll get a case of the grumps that refuses to go away until the need is satisfied. And, up until I discovered this amazing little gem, the need was rarely fulfilled.

Side note: no, I am not pregnant. I checked. A few times. Don't intend to have babies and pregnancy cravings for a while. I've just randomly developed a natural love of fried chicken, who knows why.

People had directed me towards one fried chicken place or another, but to me, they always fell flat. Often, the chicken was dry or the breading was bland. Nobody had that perfect combo of slightly-spicy, crisp-on-the-outside-juicy-on-the-inside chicken I was searching for.

Another side note: while it's possible I'm probably gluten intolerant, I risk it all for fried chicken. I down a few glasses of water after and hope for the best. Sometimes it works, sometimes I am curled up in a ball for the rest of the day battling the bloat and pain that comes from over-doing it. It definitely doesn't affect me as much as a slice of cake or huge sandwich would, though, so still I indulge.

Anyway. After taking silly pictures in front of this awesome sign every time I passed, I finally decided to see what Ms P's had to offer.

And I was found kicking myself hard in the ass because OMG THIS IS AMAZING CHICKEN.

The breading is perfectly seasoned. I've taken to rubbing the complimentary pickled jalapeno all over the chicken before eating, but even before that this is good stuff. The chicken is also made fresh (so expect at least 20 minutes of wait time, if there's no line) so it's perfect every time.

The sides are also excellent and a perfect companion to the chicken. The fries don't travel well, but are so flavorful and delicious you'll probably eat them en route to your final destination (if you don't hang out at the provided seating) anyway. I know I did. The seasoning on THESE is perfect too! Some sort of herb and cheese situation that I'd never seen before. The cole slaw is also perfectly crisp, sweet, and savory and I just love it all.

I took a bite of a roll and while these are good as well, they aren't good for my tummy, so they often just get thrown at my fiance.

I also like the amount of serving options. Three pieces is perfect for me, plus sides, and I'm happy that I can go bigger or smaller depending on my appetite. The price is a little more than you'd expect from a food trailer, but the flavor and quality is way more than you'd expect also. Local, free range chickens. Once the street corn is in season I cannot wait to try that as well because I know Ms P is going to rock it.

If you, like me, are on the hunt for perfect fried chicken in Austin, look no further than this adorable little food trailer on South Congress street. I hear they also have a mini Ms P's somewhere further downtown.

Please check them out at 1101 South Congress Avenue, Austin TX. Website/Facebook

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