Monday, December 2, 2013

Austin Eats -- Top Golf, Austin

In my experience, an entertainment venue tends to put the focus on entertainment. They may offer food and drinks, but since those are only secondary or tertiary aspects of the overall establishment, they can suffer. However, this is far from the case at Top Golf Austin.

My friend Lauren was looking for somewhere to celebrate her recent birthday. I was a bit surprised when she suggested Top Golf. I am not a golfer, so I figured I'd just wait on the sidelines and eat and drink while everyone else hit golf balls. It's actually a lot more fun than that--someone described it as "golf darts" and I think that's the best explanation. You hit a golf ball towards a target, and somehow the computer records it and gives you points. I ended up sitting out, but thankfully my friends let me take a few "guest shots" so I could have a go at trying to hit a target.

When we arrived I was STARVING, so I ordered the shrimp and grits and some sweet potato fries. I was trying to stay gluten-free because I knew that Thanksgiving would have all sorts of cheats and I didn't want to start my digestive stress a day early. Anyway! As you know, I'm not a Southerner. I had NO IDEA what to expect with shrimp and grits and I was pleasantly surprised! The shrimp was juicy and flavorful, the grits creamy and delicious, with some extra spices (and maybe pesto?) dotted on top. I ate it all in about ten seconds because 1. I was starving, and 2. It was THAT GOOD. I ended up not having a ton of room for the fries, so I shared them around. They were crispy and delicious and everything you could want from a sweet potato fry. And the chipotle aioli for dipping was incredible.

Cory got a burger, as he usually does, and was raving about it. My dear fiancee is kind of a burger snob (omg his comment of "meh" on my beloved In-n-Out was shocking) and he fully approves of this burger. It was juicy, had lovely thick slices of bacon and melty cheese, and the accompanying tots were crispy perfection.

Other dishes that got rave reviews from my friends that ordered them: The steak quesadillas (these looked INCREDIBLE and I will totally get them next time I visit), and the Banh Mi flatbread (I love Ban Mis, but with my avoiding gluten that day I did not try it). Overall, everyone was more than satisifed with their food and very surprised that a place that has a main draw of something other than food had such awesome food.

The drinks, while a little pricier than I've seen in town, were also great. I got the November cranberry special, and also shared one of their signature fishbowls with Lauren. The fishbowls come in a souvenir cup, shaped like a golf bag. It was girly and sickly sweet, everything you'd expect from a good fishbowl!

This was such a fun night and now it's definitely on my list of places to show my family when they visit, since my stepdad is a great golfer. I also could be persuaded to go just for the food sometime!

Top Golf is located at 2700 Esperanza Crossing, Austin, TX 78758


  1. Whoa! You are right, it is super rare that a place like that actually has good food. I'm definitely impressed!

  2. I like that boy. I'm a burger snob too :P :D

  3. I love that this restaurant served tots with the burger - that's awesome!!

  4. How fun! I am not much of a gold player but my husband is pretty good. I used to tag along his practice. If the restaurant's food is as good as here, I'd join the practice every time (and I stay at the restaurant LOL).

  5. Oh, this looks like so much fun! And with the bonus of good food..lucky you.