Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Quarter Life (Crisis) Cuisine Thanksgiving Recipes!

Last year's Thanksgiving dinner, lovingly made by my Stepdad.

Happy Almost-Thanksgiving, everyone!

A lot of blogs have put a hold on their Thanksgiving recipes this week, assuming everyone already has their dinners planned.

A friend's fried turkey, two year's ago.
MAN OH MAN do I want a turkey fryer!

I, however, know that us 20-somethings/Millennials/whathaveyou are a little less organized with these things. For example, I only just decided that I'd be contributing a Potato Gatto to the upcoming Thanksgiving parties I'll be going to over the next few days. Plus, it's way more likely that we're attending a family or friend's celebration rather than planning our own, so I'm sure there is a handful of you who still need some good ideas!

Last year, cooking with my cat
(not cooking the cat, just the brussels sprouts!)
So, if you're like me and are rushing to put together a contribution for your Thanksgiving event of choice, I am here to help! Below are some tried and true recipes I've made over the years that would be a great addition to any Thanksgiving table.

I have divided the recipes into Sweet and Savory. Most are side-dish-esque, so they're perfect to bring to parties.

Famous Taco Dip (my most-pinned recipe)
The Famous Mac and Cheese (my first blog recipe!!)
Baked Beans (a family tradition of mine)


This Year's Friendsgiving Plate


  1. I actually cooked thanksgiving last week, so I'm good on my menu :) And Brussel sprouts grow so wierd!

  2. Great list, Ashley! Good luck with your meal tomorrow!

  3. There is so much inspiration here! i have a second thanksgiving to go to on Saturday AND a Friendsgiving next week, so there is always room for new recipes in my life!

  4. Just stopping by to say hey from a fellow kitty lover! Love this list of recipes, for Thanksgiving or year round!

  5. I love deep fried turkey. Our friends always deep fry turkey and we usually spend Thanksgiving with them except this year. We totally miss deep fried turkey. It's the juiciest turkey I ever had. Your plate of thanksgiving dinner look so good! Great roundup to keep for next year!