Monday, June 3, 2013

What I've Been Eating -- Cape Cod Round-Up

Some awesome random backyard in Provincetown. Making trespassing look good since 1987.

So, here is my round-up of reviews from my Cape Cod weekend last week! I apologize for the picture quality of this post, all pictures were snapped with iphones since I am a loser who forgot her memory card for her good camera during the trip. OOPS.

Anyways, I love seafood, and the Cape is the best possible place to get it. Fresh from the Atlantic, you can't get much better than Cape Cod. 

 First up is Captain Parker's Pub in West Yarmouth where, sadly, I did not make a stop this trip. I stole this picture from my mom, who was at the cape a day before me. I love their lobster, and the price isn't the worst you'll find on the Cape--I once remember paying nearly $50 elsewhere for a lobster, yikes! Plus their clam chowder, made in-house and never frozen, is one of the best in the area. Creamy, thick, and bubbling over a deep mug with big chunks of clam... so good. It appears from the rest of my mom's pictures that my stepdad and brother enjoyed thick slices of tender prime rib as well. Anyways, even though I didn't make it there this time around (and am super jealous that my mom beat me to it!) I wanted to give them a shout out, as it is my go-to lobster spot.

A Cape Codder in CAPE COD! I'm so clever.

 Our first day on the Cape we ventured to Provincetown. It wasn't our planned destination for the day, but after a flea market turned out less interesting than expected and my friend Christina misjudged how close Provincetown actually was (only ten minutes away! Let's go! 30 minutes later...), we found ourselves on the colorful and adorable winding road of downtown Provincetown with cups of Joe Coffee in hand to keep the moist, chilly sea air at bay.

My only requirement for lunch? "I need a lobster salad roll. In a grilled bun. Preferably with fries." Easy enough. Other requirements included a place that had indoor seating, and wouldn't break the bank. We found it all--plus cocktails!--at The Mayflower, a little dinner-like establishment towards the far end of the strip. The Portuguese menu was interesting, leading me to believe that this was the owners' nationality, and if I ever return I'd love to try a lobster cooked "Portuguese-style" with the added spices. The lobster salad roll was pretty standard, chunks of fresh lobster with just a bit of mayo and lemon so that the meat itself really shines. The buttered, grilled roll just adds to the perfection of the dish. The fries were crisp and the cole slaw was fine--overall exactly what you expect from a lobster salad roll from a Cape diner. I was pleased.

Our next stop was obviously The Purple Feather for gelato. It's a must-stop for me whenever I'm in town. The endless ice cream stands don't stand a chance when there's gelato, and Purple Feather knows their stuff. This time, instead of my usual creamy-chocolate-or-coffe-ish pick, I opted to go with their dairy-free option of strawberry sorbetto and oh boy am I glad I did. I felt like I was eating slightly sugared fresh strawberry puree from peak-season berries. So good, totally worth the price, though I opt for the Kiddie size to save $$ for bigger meals. The chocolate display always leaves me salivating, but I've yet to actually get sweets there. Next time, for sure!

For my brother's 21st birthday dinner, he wanted to pick a restaurant that wasn't so seafood-focused, since he is not a huge fan (HOW IS HE RELATED TO ME?) and he went with All American Bar and Grill in Dennis.

Since I'd had a late lunch, I wasn't too hungry and went with a fairly light dinner. My parents ordered an appetizer sampler for the table though, so I was able to sample some things. My favorite was the seafood-stuffed mushrooms. Considering the rest of the plate was pretty standard pub food, in the future I'd prefer just the mushrooms. The mushrooms were the standout here, but the moz sticks, scallop bacon, fried chicken, fried calamari, and potato skins all were decent and satisfying.

My brother's birthday meal was a bacon burger that he devoured pretty quickly. My mom got the lobster salad roll and I was impressed with the amount of lobster piled onto that thing. I actually had to steal a few chunks because she couldn't finish it all!

My meal though was fairly underwhelming. I ordered the lobster bisque and a garden salad, as I wanted a light meal. The salad was good for what it was, and I appreciated the field greens instead of iceberg lettuce. The bisque was disappointing--a few chunks of lobster in a milky broth. I've had lobster bisque two ways, one is where the lobster is pureed into the soup itself, which is a more traditional "bisque" but it's definitely more exciting to see big chunks of meat in the soup. The other way is with a thick broth and the lobster chunks. This was the latter, but the broth was way too thin. Once the lobster chunks were gone (I had maybe five? One claw and some tail chunks) it was not a soup that could stand alone. I sopped up some of the remainder with crackers and satiated myself on my salad and mom's leftover lobster salad. Everyone else was pleased with their meals though, so I think this was moreso a case of me ordering one of the few flop items on the menu. Overall it was standard pub food, good alcohol selection, with some Cape favorites and I recommend it if you like pub food and beer!

The next day we were all back at Provincetown, as that's where the rest of our group (who had just arrived) wanted to go. It was a nicer day, so we browsed a little more slowly. Also, the sun had brought out more people, so finding a restaurant to seat all 8 of us was difficult. We took a gamble on a place that looked fairly empty, the Governor Bradford Restaurant, hoping the emptiness was just because we were eating lunch at 4:00 and not because of the food.

Turns out that it was the former, woo! We were first seated outside, but when the sun went behind a cloud we were too cold so we were given a table inside. Also, even though I placed my order at 4:01, I was still allowed to order off the lunch menu, score! The man who sat us, and our waitress (her name escapes me, but she had a Bahamian-sounding accent) were both wonderfully sweet and accommodating.

I got the fried fish sandwich/clam chowder combo. The clam chowder was just what I needed to warm up, and it was a lovely chowder full of clam chunks and potato. Standard good Cape Cod Chowder, not watery or disappointing in the slightest. I was pleased. The fish sandwich was the perfect size and the fish was fresh and crispy. I also shared a plate of fries with Christina and those were definitely a big hit. Nice, crispy, thick pub fries. Everyone at the table was more than satisfied with their meals, both those who ordered seafood and those who did not. It looks like the Governor Bradford has a pretty good nightlife scene, too! If I ever come back for an evening in Provincetown I will definitely check it out.

Cat Pic! Finn was awfully cuddly as soon as I came back.

Other places we visited:
The Beachcomber: Probably won't return here. The cover charge was outrageous (it would have been nice if my brother had gotten in for a discount considering it was his 21st birthday) and the drinks were too expensive for how watered down they were. Minus the cost, it looks like a fun place with dancing and music, but since the crowd was predominately preppy college kids and we saw about three people being escorted out for being too drunk, it probably isn't our scene. Also there's NOTHING around it, so it's not like you can walk to another bar if it's a bust. If I were to return I'd try to find a night where there is no cover charge, and stick to beers or bottles of things that don't include filling the cup to overflowing with ice.
emBargo: I definitely will be returning here, and I would love to come early enough to enjoy the tapas! We came right as the kitchen was closing, but the dishes I spied around the club looked pretty tasty. The music was great, loud enough to dance to but not so much that you couldn't hear someone a foot in front of you. No cover charge and drinks were on the pricer side but that's to be expected at the Cape. Plus the bartender was a heavy pourer, so that helped ease the pain of dropping $30 on a night of drinks.
Barnstable Market: Adorable little market in Barnstable. The deli makes some great, fresh sandwiches and for breakfast you can grab a sausage egg and cheese for a reasonable price. Plus the coffee is high quality (you can get hot, iced, or tea) and the market has everything you could ever want AND a great beer and wine section!

In other news, I haven't straightened my hair in a month. I wonder if I can go the whole summer...
Though it leads to things like THIS happening.


  1. Love all the lobster!!! I've been to the Beachcomber before, but it was a longggg time ago. I know people love it, though! It looks like you had such a nice vacation :)


    1. Yeah, the bouncers and cover-charge-takers were not friendly and it was all way too expensive. I know it's a pub type place during the day though, so maybe I'll come back for that. Nightlife though? Nope.

  2. Nothing around the Beachcomber...EXCEPT for one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen in my life!! Were you there after dark or something? Cahoon Hollow is absolutely spectacular!

    1. Yeah, I was there for the clubbing!--which was my major issue with the place.

      The beach looked lovely, but it was too cold to explore. I'll give it another chance if I am in the area again on a nice day :)

  3. You MUST go to the Oyster Company in Denisport next time. $1.25 oysters before 6:30 PM. Cape Cod Salad is AMAZING

    1. I have never had a raw oyster! Definitely something I need to try.

  4. Looks like a weekend of super tasty food! I love clam chowder, so I'm pretty jealous. I'm glad you got to come home to a cuddly kitty-- it's the BEST!

  5. I love lobsta and chowda! Great recap. I miss the Cape right now...

  6. I've never been to Cape Cod but it sounds like so much fun!! I LOVE clam chowder and I love lobster so I think I need to visit there sometime soon :)

  7. Hahahaa I'm sorry to say I'm with your brother on the no seafood bandwagon, it looks like you had an amazing time!

  8. I love the Cape in the summer. Now I am craving a lobster roll!

  9. I love the first picture a lot! It shows your cute personality. :) OMG, I will order two lobster salad rolls when I ever see that giant lobster meat in it. Now I'm seriously jealous and wish to fly to Cape Cod...