Friday, April 19, 2013

Stay Safe

And the horror continues.

Boston friends, please stay safe. Stay inside.

CT friends, it looks like the remaining living suspect might have fled to your state. Be on the lookout and keep your distance.

I just want the nightmare to be over.

Once everyone is safely in custody, you bet your ass I'm taking a nice long weekend in Boston. It's only been a week since I've been there, but already that feels like too long. I just want to lie down in the Boston Common and cry for a bit, then walk around my old haunts and remember all the good things.

Stay safe, everyone. Stay strong.


  1. Thanks for the reassuring words. I share your sentiments. It's been quite a week for all. Stay well & thanks for the nice blog visit!

  2. What a horrifying week. Boston remains in my thoughts, though now that the suspect may be in my state, I'm a bit more freaked out. Home with the doors locked.

    1. Yeah... I live in Western Mass and for whatever reason Connecticut seems closer than Boston. A bit freaked myself.

  3. So glad this nightmare is over!

  4. so glad things are finally calming down- what a week!