Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I find out today if I won the Sign Me Sal competition...

I can't tell if the hell going on in my stomach is excitement, nervousness, or period cramps.

Well, it's DEFINITELY the latter but probably good portions of the other two as well.

Oh, those mushrooms will be my next recipe, just FYI. They're mighty tasty.

Yep. That's all.

Oh, right, I AM HAVING A GIVEAWAY! My first one ever, not sponsored by anyone but myself. Click Here to see what's up for grabs--two gift baskets, hand-picked by me, to say thank you for the OVERWHELMING support I've received through this whole crazy journey with the contest. I bought them myself and tried to find interesting little knick knacks and food stuffs that you'd love. One is a Kitchen Goodies bag (with ADORABLE apron set!) and one is a basket of New England-themed goodies (Yankee Candle stuff included!) Seriously, you guys rock. I wish I could give you each a gift basket, and a hug, and all of the baked goods :)

Whatever happens today, the love and support is prize enough. I'll make Quarter Life (Crisis) Cuisine a book someday, whether I win or not! Thank you all so so much, it really means the world to me <3

I'll end with another cat picture, because this IS the internet, afterall. Here's Finn again, to say thanks. And Baxter, in case you like dogs better.


  1. *fingers crossed* good luck love!
    <3 Dawn

  2. Win or not, you rock!
    <3 Louise

  3. Good Luck! I have my curly hair crossed for you :)

  4. good luck, hope it went that way you wanted.