Monday, March 25, 2013



The last challenge in the #signmesal cook book/literary agent contest is a Twitter Chat on TODAY between 1 and 2 PM Eastern Standard Time! I am going to be en route to somewhere and tweeting via phone (NOT while driving, I'll find a place!), but I encourage you all to tweet your support to #signmesal when the time comes and tweet questions to me at @AshleyBeeCooks! The final task is answering questions about my book proposal, and in the end they'll be asking for followers to weigh in on the decision. I need your help now more than ever! If you're by a computer, or a phone (and like my book idea, of course!) please join the chat! It would mean the world to me. Thank you yet again!

Have you ENTERED MY GIVEAWAY YET? A cool gift bag put together by yours truly! I want to get at least 25 entries before I give it away, so I'm gonna keep on pluggin it until I reach the minimum :)

Also, Google Reader is going away... How will you read my blog?? That's easy--Follow my blog with Bloglovin. Sweet!