Thursday, March 7, 2013

Influenster Sweetheart Voxbox

Not to throw another review at you so soon, but I am way behind in submitting my blog post for my Sweet Heart Voxbox from Influenster! I was excited to be chosen this month to receive a complimentary box of goodies from the website, which is a similar program as to BzzAgent, which I am also a part of. You take some surveys and if you're a match for their products, they send you some to talk about. Cool, huh? And since this was a beauty-themed box, it was right up my alley for sure :)

First up, Secret Clinical Strength antiperspirant. Now, I've used the same antiperspirant/deodorant brand for YEARS just because I am not a heavy sweater and have never really worried about my underarm area getting out of control. In fact, I sometimes even forget to wear it altogether, oops! However, now that I go to the gym more often than before (which was like, never) I do find myself needing it more often. This product is specifically designed to target "stress sweat" which supposedly smells worse? Anyway, not sure if my current stress level (medium-high the past two weeks, heh) made me smell slightly stinkier than normal, but the deodorant definitely did its job. The scent was mild and didn't have the overpowering powder scent which I dislike with most deodorants, and even though it was some sort of cross between the stick kind and the gel, it didn't have the sticky feeling that I hate with gel deodorants. Overall, I might not be the target armpit for this product, but I was pleased!

Next up was Olay® Fresh Effects Va-Va-Vivid Contour Cleansing System. This was a GODSEND after two weeks of really messing up my complexion with tons of stage makeup. I'm not prone to acne, but after caking on the makeup for various shows I'm in, my skin takes a beating and I often get a large zit or two front and center on my forehead. The "deep cleansing" gizmos that are trending right now caught my eye on sale at the drug store about a year ago, and I purchased this Neutrogena option but it fell out of my routine after realizing the convenient low price for the device was not so convenient for the replacement pads. The Olay Fresh Effects is great because you don't need replacement pads! It does the same job, but even better, as the little scrubbers really get into your pores for a deep clean. I loved the way my face felt afterwards, so soft and smooth and almost tingly with clean. The thick cleansing cream it comes with is awesome, but the best part is that I'm sure you can use just about any soap with the device. No more buying replacement pads! I will definitely be using this as part of my nightly face cleansing routine.

For a little edible treat in my Voxbox, I got a SkinnyGirl Daily On-the-Go Bar. A filling, low-calorie bar that tastes amazing. I am pretty obsessed with coconut, and these had a nice toasty flavor. I love the SkinnyGirl product line for booze, and found it a little strange that they decided to go the snack route, but it had the same great taste and quality that you'd expect from the brand. The downside? After getting excited about these bars, I found that the price tag was higher than I could afford to spend for a protein snack bar. $8-$10 for a pack of five bars, about $2 a bar. Oh well. Sadly, my broke-girl budget cannot afford SkinnyGirl bars. However, if you do have the cash to shell out, they are a nice little treat.

This is the one thing I will not be using from my Voxbox, Not Your Mother's® Beach Babe texturing spray, but I will give it to a flat-haired friend. I understand the allure of nice, beachy waves, I really do. But, as a curly girl, my "beach waves" end up being more like "rat's nest frizz"--not sexy. I have naturally VERY thick, curly hair. New hairdressers will hear my warning but don't believe me until my hair is in their hands. "You have the hair of THREE PEOPLE," they tell me. I tend to straighten my hair before going to the beach, pose for whatever fun beachy pictures my friends want to take, and then wait until the cameras go away before dipping my head in the water, if I even risk it (I can't swim, heh). And, even if I don't, the salty air makes my hair grow ten sizes in volume before the day is out. The idea of willingly putting a product in my hair that does this? Not going to happen. I do, however, have many friends who have straight, fine hair and would appreciate the volume, so I'll gift this to them instead.

Anyways, the Influenster Voxbox was a ton of fun, and overall I enjoyed the products! I love health, food, and beauty products, but with a limited budget, I rarely step out of my comfort zone and trusted products. I appreciate the opportunity to try these out, because I probably wouldn't have otherwise.

Full disclosure: I am part of Influenster and received the products listed for free. However, opinions are all my own.

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  1. I haven't had the pleasure of doing any of these trials but they look like fun. I don't know if I can get any of those things here but I appreciate your thorough review :P