Thursday, March 21, 2013

I Can't Even.

Why is my un-makeup'd, frizzy-headed, moon-ish face freaking the heck out?

And clearly that means I no longer can care about taking a current picture of my face despite looking like hell. No time for that!

 If you are a casual reader of my blog and don't know what the heck I'm talking about, please refer to this post (throwing my heart on the table and explaining my idea), and this one. For an actual overview of the contest, follow this link.

Winning the contest would not be a guarantee on a book deal, but it'd be almost a sure thing. Representation with the award-winning Lisa Ekus Group, and seasoned agent Sally Ekus pitching your book to publishing houses. I'd be very surprised if the winner didn't see their book in print!

At the Final 8 I looked at my competition--many were already published authors. All had Facebook and Twitter followings that doubled mine at LEAST. I felt hopeless. But I've made it to the FINAL TWO somehow.

Thank you so so much for your support. I seriously cried last night seeing the re-tweets, the comments, the shout-outs, and new Facebook likes I'm getting from all over the place. I feel loved. And what's more, I feel like I owe you guys--I need to do this. I need to make it to the end, even if it's not through this contest, and accomplish my dream of writing a book and seeing it through to publication. I WILL do it.

I'm going to be putting together a basket of goodies this weekend and giving it away via a blog contest this weekend--so please check back! Something to say thank you for all of the overwhelming support!!

And, if you haven't already and would like to show your support, please follow me on Twitter and Facebook. Love you all so much!

IMPORTANT: The last challenge is a Twitter Chat on MONDAY between 1 and 2 PM Eastern Standard Time! I am going to be en route to somewhere and tweeting via phone, but I encourage you all to tweet your support to #signmesal when the time comes! The final task is answering questions about my book proposal, and in the end they'll be asking for followers to weigh in on the decision. I need your help now more than ever! If you're by a computer, or a phone (and like my book idea, of course!) please join the chat! It would mean the world to me. Thank you yet again!
A Picture of my cat. Just because.


  1. Sooo happy for you!

    (and I like your hair all wavy!)

    1. In person it's wicked frizzy.

      And thanks for the support! :)

  2. Congratulations! That's huge. Good luck!

  3. Love that picture! Congrats and let's have a great time doing this on Monday!!

  4. So happy and excited for you! I'll try to be "there" for the conversation on Monday. Good luck!

    1. Thanks so much! I so appreciate the support, and now I know I'll have at least one fan in my corner during the chat :)