Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Review of Lays "New Flavors"

*Side note: I apologize for the crappy pictures. This was a last-minute type deal and my phone was the only camera-taking-device with battery life.*

So by now I'm sure everyone has seen these bizarre flavors of Lays potato chips floating around the retail food world, as well as on the internet and social media sites. I've been more than intrigued, because 1. I find strange chip flavors highly amusing, 2. I am willing to try any sort of weird culinary item at least once, and 3. I am one of those self-proclaimed sriracha addicts.

In Iceland, pointing out some strange chips

In Europe I had the misfortune of coming across Spicy Pork, Pickled Onion, and Prawn cocktail--all of the Walkers variety, which has a logo strikingly similar to our Lays. I also came across Cool American, but rest assured they tasted almost like "Cool Ranch" and not of the flesh of our countrymen, thank goodness. Not wanting to be bested, apparently Lays has decided to jump on the Odd Chip Wagon and throw their hat into the mix.
Roommate, writing her thoughts

I came across three small bags at Walgreens while getting dish soap and realized I had to try them. So I snatched them up and took them home, where my lovely boyfriend and roommate agreed to taste-test with me.

Cory, having already tasted some chips
First Impressions:
Cory and Christina both thought that Cheesy Garlic Bread would be the clear winner--because, who doesn't love cheesy garlic bread?--and that the Chicken and Waffles would be the loser. I agreed with Chicken and Waffles as the loser,  but I thought Sriracha would blow everyone out of the water. The verdict?

Cory: (who started munching before either of us ladies had finished jotting down our thoughts) It's okay. I was expecting it to be spicer.
Christina: It's pretty bland.
Me: I love sriracha, but I can't even taste it here.
Cory: It almost tastes like... like Barbecue. Like a bland BBQ.
Christina: Yeah! That's what I was thinking.
Me: Ohh you're right. It does have a little bit of a lingering spice, but not much.
Cory: I wouldn't buy it, I'd just get BBQ.

Chicken and Waffles
Christina: It tastes like maple syrup!
Me: Ew, salty maple syrup.
Cory: It's not bad, but it's not really good either.
Christina: It's not as bad as I thought it was going to be.
Cory: You know those chicken crackers? It kind of tastes like that...
Me: But with maple syrup.
Cory: I always thought the chicken crackers would be terrible too, but they're pretty good.
Christina: Yeah, like that, but with maple syrup. These are weird.
Cory: I definitely would not buy this.
Christina: Me either.
Me: We should probably just toss the rest.

Cheesy Garlic Bread
Christina: Ohh, this one is good.
Cory: Yeah, it has a good cheese flavor.
Me: Aw, this is disappointing. I was hoping for a better garlic flavor.
Christina: Yeah, you can't really taste that at all.
Cory: This is pretty good, but it has a weird after-taste.
Christina: Hmm... yeah, it's kind of chemical-y.
Me: Oh weird, yeah, I'm tasting it now. It's like really fake cheese flavor.
Cory: I would not buy this again.

The Verdict
While Cheesy Garlic Bread came on strong, it literally left a bad taste in our mouths. Chicken and Waffles was too weird to be good. Therefore, Sriracha seems to be the winner entirely by default. It was the best out of the three but none of them had a very pronounced flavor and all seemed rather bland. We would not buy any again, except maybe for novelty's sake. If they had been flavored more strongly perhaps our opinions would be different.

Note: I did not get any products for free, and all opinions are entirely my own and that of my other testers. If you would, however, like to send me products to review, please email me at quarterlifecrisiscuisine (at) gmail (dot) com, I'd be happy and excited to review any sort of food, kitchen item, or even health/lifestyle product!


  1. Ewwww. I thought the Chicken and Waffles & Cheesy Garlic Bread sounded good but now I know...not worth it!

  2. This makes me SO SAD! Every (yes. EVERY) grocery store in the area has been sold out of the garlic cheese bread, so I thought it'd be amazing and was so so looking forward to it. My boyfriend tried the chicken and waffles and loved it (described it as spicy syrup, which sounds fantastic. I can't try them because there's actual chicke in them). Maybe you have to actually like the combo of chicken and waffles to like the chips?

    I'll probably still be suckered into buying garlic read if I ever find it. The name sounds too tasty to not impulse by, which is the same trouble I get into with Diet Chocolate Cream Pie Faygo (which is disgusting. Dont do it).

  3. So fun! I wish I could have been there to taste test with you!

    1. Some day our paths must meet, and we must have a day of baking things.

  4. Loved your amusing review!! I too was excited about the sirracha flavor, so I'm glad I read your review first! :-)

  5. I've totally been wondering about these!! And now I don't want to try any of them really LOL. Thanks for saving me a few bucks. I must admit I love southern chicken and waffles so I was secretly thinking they might be good... sounds like I'd be wrong!

  6. LOL love your reviews. I love the idea of weird chip flavours, but really I just love salt and vinegar :)

  7. My coworkers went on a wild search for these the other day and was not impressed either. Epic fail Lays!

  8. I haven't seen any of these in stores yet! Based on your reviews I probably won't be trying any of them. lol

  9. OMG I've never seen these flavors yet! Thanks for the review! What were they thinking? How could they fail so badly!? I love how you wrote the conversations - I feel like I was a part of tasting team. :)

  10. Aw, so sad none of these were fantastic! I had high hopes for Sriracha. I think companies are afraid to make things spicy, but um, if you like Sriracha doesn't that kinda mean you WANT spicy??


    1. I totally agree. Doritos had a line of "Alarm" chips a while back, where 1 Alarm was jalapeno, 2 Alarm was Habanero, and 3 Alarm was ghost pepper and I LOVED them. They almost hurt they were so spicy, but they were an awesome snack with an ice cold beer. They disappeared from shelves SO quickly though...