Thursday, January 3, 2013

Reflections in Photos

Because the last post was kinda sappy, here's one that's just fun! A year of accomplishments and fun, friends, and family :)

And, I forgot my resolutions for this year, so here they are... As always, they will serve as a guide and suggestions to myself, not rules I will punish myself for not following.

1. Eat Healthier/Go to the Gym more often... I really have NO excuse. At the very least I want to double my veggie intake and make it to the gym at least ONCE a week since I've had an unused membership for months...

2. SAVE MONEY. This is VITAL. My first order of business was giving my credit card to my roommate to hide. No more random purchases!!

3. Be more organized. I am disorganized and forgetful. I need to work on these things.

4. Work on my photography. A cheap, starter macro-lens is in the mail on its way to me. I need to figure out how to USE it now...

5. Pay more attention to my blog and to making it something I am proud to show people.


And now, some memories in pictures :)

Red Sox game with friends from college

Cast of Streetcar Named Desire

Visiting friends in NYC

Girls Night Out with friends

Making friends with dolphins with the family

My friend Jessika's housewarming party

Maid of Honor in my best friend's wedding

Halloween Party as Katniss, with some Capitol friends

Grace Potter Concert

As Catherine in The Foreigner

Cape Cod adventure with friends

NYC trip and first Broadway show

Brother's graduation from college

Camping adventure with bffs from college

Finn's first day home

Treasure Island

My roommate's 30th birthday (before she was my roommate!)

Best friend's bachlorette party, part 1

Favorite pic of Cory, with Finn

One of our first pictures together :)

Cast of Rocky Horror

My fellow Phantoms

New Years in Montreal with friends

As Rhoda in White Christmas



  1. I need to get on the save money bandwagon ASAP. My credit card is in a dire state right now. :P Love all these happy pictures!

  2. Sounds like you had a great year! I love your pictures when you are in play. :)

  3. Great photos. I love your year in pictures! Great resolutions. I think they are pretty much my exact resolutions. + more travel maybe.