Thursday, January 24, 2013

Iceland Teaser

 As some of you may know, I just returned from an amazing trip to Iceland.

As anyone who travels regularly knows, after traveling you need a little bit of a rest. Or at least time to do your laundry and cuddle your cat and boyfriend for a bit and unpack. While jumping right back into rehearsals for your play that opens in a month and that you didn't necessarily study your lines for on the two 5 hour flights like you planned to because the personal entertainment center on the plane was too distracting... :cough:

So, I promise, I'll have a review of everything I consumed while in the land of fire and ice...

Once my jetlag wears off.

Guess what I'm eating here!

Check back soon!


  1. jealous that you got to go to such an interesting place! can't wait to see what you have to say about it. :)

  2. Ah can't wait to read more about your trip! I've heard fabulous things about Iceland!


  3. This is a place I've always wanted to visit and I'm not sure when/if I ever will. Can't wait to see and read more about your adventures :)

    1. You can! Start saving now and you'll more than save enough for it by this time next year. My friend has done this trip for the past two years--January is a sloww time for Iceland (since it's so cold and dark) and so they do this deal where your round trip flight, four nights in a hotel, and a tour with dinner included is all under $1000. Every American we ran into was doing this same deal, I'm sure they'll do it again next year!

  4. Oh I can't wait to hear about your trip!!!

  5. Aw so fun!!! You relax and rest up from your epic journey!

  6. I'm so excited!! It already feels like it was an awesome trip.

  7. Jealous! Now that I saw your post above about being under $1000 - I'm totally adding this trip to our to-do list! Did you find this deal through a specific company? Can't wait to see more about your trip!