Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spooky Food Round-up! -- Plus ZOMBIE instructions!

Halloween is TOMORROW! Can you believe it?? I'm a little sad I'll be practically missing out on my most favorite holiday, but I had a great birthday to make up for it and am in an amazing play, so it all works out in the end :) And who knows, maybe I'll get to don my Katniss costume once more! Or my zombie outfit...

Gahh I just love Halloween! Can we have a re-do of it next month? Please?

Anyway, here is a round-up of all the awesome spooky food I posted in the past week, plus some ideas for making non-spooky food with a Halloween theme. I hope they are useful for someone's Halloween party, as they were all a big hit at mine!

Recipes Posted in the last week:

Also, here are some great ideas for yummy food that's just been given a silly name for sake of Halloween!

Pigs in a blanket became "Mummy Toes"--buy cocktail franks and wrap with bits of crescent roll strips. They puff up a LOT in the oven, so you don't need much breading. One tube will cover about a whole package of cocktail franks.

Sangria can easily become "Blood Punch"--If you add a drop or two of blue food coloring, it will REALLY look like blood! Plus, Sangria is my absolute favorite party drink to make. It's cheap, delicious, and can be made with just about anything you have on hand. See my Sangria Recipe Here, or use your favorite :) I added some apples to be extra fall-themed.

Spicy Pork Meatballs became the most hilarious entry: "Dragon Testicles"! Hehe... I used this recipe for spicy meatballs and just stuck a silly name on them. These meatballs are always a huge hit at parties, and they're super easy and not too expensive to put together.

And what would a Halloween party be without a puking gourd? Seriously. Every party needs one of these.

The last thing I had for a quick spooky food was Quagulated Blood Dip--basically roasted beet hummus with balsamic vinegar drizzled on top. It's fantastic and was one of the two things my vegan friends could consume. Adding a drop or two of blue food coloring makes it less pink and more "bloody" as well.

Also, in case you were wondering how I made that awesome zombie face, it's actually quite easy. I wish I had step-by-step pictures but I taught myself by reading various online how-to's and watching some videos. Basically, all you need is liquid latex (you can find pint sized ones at most Halloween stores right now), face paint, fake blood, oatmeal, and some one-ply toilet paper if you want to make some wounds. What I did was put a base of my usual makeup (I was kiiind of going for "pretty zombie" if that's even possible) but if you want more of a "gross" look, put on a pale base. Next, dab blue, purple, and black around your eyes to make them look bruised. Finally, mix about a 1/4 cup of liquid latex with a handful of oatmeal and enough fake blood to look dark pink (it will darken as it dries). Smear on your face where you want to look like you've been nomming on gore--I did from about my cheekbones down. Wait for it to dry completely, then layer with red and brown face paint, and dab on black and blue for depth.

For wounds like this: 
I did just about everyone's makeup that night

You basically layer one-ply toilet paper with liquid latex and then paint over it when dry. You can practice by building them up on a sheet of wax paper, which is great for experimenting with design, and then peel them off and adhere them to your face later, or just build them right on your face. What I do: start with a layer of latex, and let dry. Add another layer, and press a piece of toilet paper the size of the wound you want over it. Gently rip the paper and pinch the sides together to make some depth. Continue building by using smaller pieces of toilet paper and dabs of liquid latex. Once the wound is the size and depth you want, you can put bits of crinkled toilet paper or some of the oatmeal mixture listed above in the center to give it a realistic texture. Rice bits make great maggots too :) When everything is totally dry, you can use makeup to blend it into your skin and layer makeup on top. I did a layer of red, making sure to fill in all the creases, then dabbed on brown over all of the red, and then lightly dabbed black and blue on top of that. Cover with fake blood to give it the moist, pussing look.

Happy Halloween, everyone!


  1. Awesome job on the zombie makeup! I love liquid latex- it works like a charm. That is quite an impressive spread, too. The puking gourd cracks me up. :)

  2. Your costumes are great! You make a great Katniss!

  3. You are too cute! Halloween is today in Australia. It isn't very big here but I did do a few recipes. We have this crazy candy bowl where a hand pops out when it senses that someone is reaching in!

  4. Great zombie makeup!! You are so creative. A puking gourd? I'm impressed that you come up with all the fun ideas! Happy Halloween!

  5. What a fun Halloween celebration - love all the spooky treats!

  6. You've made so many crazy fun halloween foods! I hope you had fun yesterday!

  7. What a fun party! I especially love all of your themed foods. I would've love to have been :)

  8. I absolutely LOVE the puking ghoul! What a creative and fun idea. I'm going to have to remember this one, especially because my husband's family has me make guacamole quite often for parties and gatherings.

  9. I am SO impressed with your amazing makeup and the creative spooky food!!

    The oat flour cupcakes were a bit more muffin textured than traditional cupcakes - you definitely spotted the dense texture accurately. I like lots of texture so I thought they were great for dessert, and Zach preferred to call them muffins and have them for breakfast! :-)

  10. Well, there is no doubt in my mind, I'm comin' to your house for Halloween next year. Expect me.

  11. I love the Katniss costume and considered that for myself too! The "mummy toes" are excellent - I kinda wish I had a few of those right now!

  12. You had such a lot of fun doing this! Your Halloween party must have gone down a storm.

    The costumes are amazing, I want to turn myself into a zombie now and munch on monster fingers!