Monday, October 29, 2012

Spooky Food -- Monster Fingers

It didn't dawn on me until about Sunday evening, while browsing my Facebook Newsfeed, that because of my show I'd missed out on most Halloween parties that would be happening. Thankfully, I had an opportunity to wear my costume for my birthday party: 


But I was a little sad, for a moment, that I'd be missing my favorite holiday and both surrounding weekends. I had hoped for another opportunity to wear my costume, but it would seem that Hurricane Sandy has other plans. 

However, the reason I'm missing out on dressing like Katniss and making a drunken fool of myself, is because I am in a fantastic play that is performing all through Halloween Week: The Rocky Horror Show --seriously, if you live in the area you DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS. It's the perfect fun Halloweeny activity and you'll be supporting local theater! We had a fantastic audience this weekend and hopefully the hurricane won't interfere with us having amazing audiences next weekend (and Halloween!) too! 

Oh! And I got a cat this weekend! Meet Finn:

I went to the local shelter with my roommate in search of a cat to bring home. I was feeling lonely on weekends that Christina and her adorable dog, Baxter, were out of state, so I decided to try to find a furry friend of my own. Baxter hasn't had wonderful luck with cats in the past, so we needed a very specific tempered cat to handle his overactive-ness.

I decided I wanted an old, female, short-hair cat. To be able to handle Baxter, we couldn't get a skittish cat. We needed a friendly cat with no fear. We trekked 40 minutes to a shelter and took out a few cats, played with some, but nobody was really winning my heart and Christina seemed pretty apathetic about most. They all were rather skittish and nobody wanted to cuddle or play, they just seemed eager to get out of that room. A nervous cat would not be a good match for a house with a hyperactive dog. As we were about to give up, a volunteer suggested we try another local shelter which we had never heard of. We got lost about twice trying to find it, but eventually we did, and we roamed the halls looking at the cats behind the glass and taking notes on which we wanted to see. After waiting in the waiting room for what seemed like forever, we were put into a room and this little guy was placed on my lap.

Immediately, he curled up into a cuddly ball and started purring. He didn't run, he didn't hide, and when placed on the ground he hopped right back up onto a lap. He didn't leave my lap the whole time and was purring like a revving engine. He won our hearts within minutes.

"I think this is the one," said Christina.
"I am already in love." I said.
This cat was under a year old, fluffy, and a male. Opposite of what I set out for, though I did think he was full grown and just small, but he is practically a kitten. The people at the shelter think he has some Maine Coon in him, and obviously he has the Manx gene because he is tail-less. They think he'll get up to 12-16 pounds at full size (this is probably why I assumed he was just a small cat--he is huge for a kitten!). I have always wanted a huge cat, I am excited to watch him grow!

Before even leaving the room, the cat had a new name (his former one was AJ and I decided he deserved better than a douchey frat guy name): Phinneus, or Finn for short. Then he was boxed up, and we made our way home. Halfway through the trip, we took him out of the box and he rode the rest of the way on Christina's shoulders. Adorable.

It's going to be a challenge to acclimate him to Baxter, but so far we've been working on the pup and he seems okay. He even let a friend's cat eat out of his food dish! We're going to let them sniff each other under the door for a bit, and then do some supervised visits where one or both is in a cage. Then we'll section off parts of the house with baby gates that Finn can jump over but Baxter cannot--so that he can escape if need be. Fingers crossed that these two will learn to love, or at least tolerate, each other!

Anyways, today's "Spooky Food" is wicked easy, and actually an appetizer I use at most of my parties. I called it "Monster Fingers" for purpose of the party, but I originally learned what they were from the receipe Pickles in a Blanket when I worked at Family Fun Magazine. It's super easy and strangely delicious. The flavors all just feel RIGHT together, if you can get over the fact you're definitely eating something a pregnant woman would crave...

Monster Fingers
(or Pickles in a Blanket)
  • 1 jar small kosher dill pickles
  • 1 container whipped cream cheese
  • 1/2 lb sliced salami

-Spread cream cheese on one side of salami. Roll up with a pickle. Serve!

(Told ya it was easy...)

Want more Spooky Food for your upcoming Halloween party? Check out my other recipes for Alien Eggs and Bloody Eyeballs!

And to all my friends on the East Coast (myself included!) PLEASE STAY SAFE. I am mostly convinced that Sandy is going to be a flop, but in case it's not I stocked up on non-perishables, bottled water and juice, and even bought a stupidly-marked-up flashlight and batteries. Plus, being a new pet owner, I made sure to stock up on pet food too! Don't get stuck unprepared. And an extra case or two of beer/wine wouldn't hurt either!

Remember the Nor'Easter last year? That sucked... two weeks without power. Let's hope this is nothing like that!


  1. Finn is adorable! Thinking of you and everyone else in the Northeast and hoping you weather the storm okay.

  2. Those fingers are such a cute idea!

    Hope you're braving the storm well... NYC has TOTALLY shut down and we're all holed up at home. It's cozy!

  3. I love your Katniss costume!

    And awww what a cute kitty! And I love his name, Finn :) I hope him and Baxter can become the brothers they're meant to be!!

  4. Hope the storm didn't hit you too bad! Finn is adorable! My Mom adopted a Manx last year and he is the BEST! A loveable lap cat. Those fingers are totally delicious!

    1. Storm didn't hit Western Mass at all. And thanks, Finn is a sweetie and a lap cat too!

  5. FINN IS ADORABLE. Seriously. That cat is next level.