Monday, September 10, 2012

While You Wait, Why Not Ditch the 50 Shades and Read Something GOOD?

Took a break from Unpacking to visit Cape Cod
with some lovely ladies (I am second from the right)
This was our LOOKIT OUR TATTOOS picture.

I'm still moving in. I have no idea where half of my things are, most notably the little device to upload my pictures. Now that I know for sure we're staying in our current apartment--my roommate had found a cheaper place we were looking into but it fell through--I can really buckle down, settle in, and hopefully get cooking and clicking again (clicking = taking pictures. I'm clever like that!).

I have so many picture in RAW format that I need to put through lightbox, but since my computer has decided to be super slow it is definitely slow goings. I will post about the glorious beer bread soon, I promise! And more, I hope.

Really Really Soon, I Promise!

In other news, I am down to one job again, and back in Rocky Horror as a phantom dancer/chorus member. I will turn 25 on October 11th. I am contemplating adopting a furry friend. I am perfecting my zombie outfit for the zombie pub crawl. All sorts of good things coming up! :)

And, while you wait in anticipation for my next post, I have one request: Don't read 50 Shades of Grey. Just, don't. I'll keep my verbose opinions on the matter to myself, but the best reason for not reading the terribly bad writing and poorly researched POS that is 50 Shades, do yourself a favor and read a GOOD "trashy" romance novel:

Sarah wins at styling, jeesh.

Passion's Tide by Sarah West.

Right, I'm totally biased because Sarah (of A Dash and a Pinch) happens to be my bloggy bestie, but from the little I've been able to read I already know it is worlds beyond the 50 Shades. AND IT HAS PIRATES. I LOVE PIRATES. That is more than enough reason to go and get it for your Kindle, iPad, whathaveyou RIGHT NOW.

And, if you don't like trashy romance novels, you should probably go check out her post about it because she did a pirate-themed recipe to celebrate her book release. Wicked. Awesome. I need to make these with the rest of my Biscoff ASAP! ---if I can remember what box my Biscoff is in, that is...

Also if anyone wants to get me Kevin Gillespie's new cook book for my birthday I'd love you forever and ever :)


  1. You should definately adopt a furry friend! Furry friends enrich your life :) I promise. Beer bread? Genius!

  2. I literally grinned at my desk when I read bloggy bestie! What a great way to describe us! Thanks for the shout out lovey, congrats on your new apartment and for being back in Rocky Horror (yay!), and I am waiting in anticipation for your next recipe!

  3. That book photo is awesome! I'm not too in to romance novels, but I did read 50 Shades and regretted it a bit (at least it was super quick!). I just hate being out of the loop with what everyone is talking about!


    1. I'll admit, I did read 50 Shades, but it must be known that it was ONLY because I was borrowing my mom's kindle and had already read through all my books I brought on vacation. 50 Shades was even more horrible than I expected, haha... at least now I can bash it with the experience of reading it to back me up!

      Sarah's book is awesome though, and really cheap, so check it out! :)