Tuesday, August 14, 2012

While You Wait...

Coming Soon--Beer Bread Recipe! And, hopefully a better picture than this one...

Do you ever get so busy that in your free time you just want to do absolutely nothing? I'm there this week. I just want to lie on my bed and watch trashy television. Or go out to the brewery and have a few beers with friends and just RELAX.

Beer in jugs is the best way to have a beer... This is not the local brewery
I mentioned, it's the Harpoon Brewery in Boston. But I felt the photo
was appropriate, hehe.

I am currently working two jobs (my full time job and a part-time retail job), doing some freelance photography/editing for that newspaper I mentioned, and trying to pack up my stuff and move to an apartment (!!!). I have a backlog of a few recipes to post but need to actually find the recipes that go with the pictures I took... also I took a ton of pictures in RAW format to begin teaching myself Lightroom, but that is slow goings for sure.

A neat picture I took of a caterpillar that looks like something out of a
horror film. Just using the Macro setting on my camera, did
not do this in Manual, I am not so skilled yet.

So, in times like these, a full blog post may not be something I can handle. However, I am fairly active in the following places:

-Quarter Life (Crisis) Cuisine Facebook
-AshleyBeeCooks on Twitter
-AshleyBlom on Twitter
-BlomBlog (ashleyblom.com) --updated occasionally

Met friends in Boston for a Sox game!

So if you haven't "liked" me, or don't follow me, perhaps now is the time! And I still try to do at least a little blog reading during my lunch break, so this doesn't necessarily mean I'll be too busy to comment on all your wonderful posts as well :)

My parents' adorable dog, Tocha. Just because.

Anyways. Just a bump to say I am alive, there are ways to find me, and I hope to have an excellent foodie post for you soon!


  1. Love all your wonderful photos!! (and I adore all things beer and beer bread related... :-)

  2. Beer bread!!! Anxiously awaiting that recipe:)