Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy February and other random bits and stuff -- Plus some news!!

Happy February! 14 days until that tragic little holiday everyone seems to dislike.

I've never quite disliked it, but I also haven't been single during it in some time. Not sure if you'd call what I am at the moment "single" but we're certainly not quite in bf/gf territory yet so for VDay purposes I suppose you'd call me single. Anyway, I'll be at rehearsal that night anyway, so at least the stress will be off for what to do on the actual "holiday," hah.

Below is a Valentines Day dinner I made a few years ago. It was awesome and delicious and I highly recommend it if you're trying to impress a new or returning boyfriend of sorts. I got the recipe from an ancient recipe card I found and this is what I remember.

Basically: rub the steak (ribeye) with herbs de provence and refrigerate for at least an hour. Meanwhile, mix together equal parts butter (somewhat softened but not room temp) and Gorgonzola cheese. Roll the mixture into a log and refrigerate until firm. Cook the steak to your liking (medium and lots of pink, please!) then serve with a pat of the Gorgonzola butter and what appears to be some parsley garnish. For the carrots--cook in gingerale until the carrots are soft with a bit of a bite and the gingerale is reduced. The potatoes are twice-baked potatoes and I cannot for the life of me remember how to do those besides cook potatoes, scrape out most of insides, mix insides with delicious things, place back in potato and cook for longer.

Anyway, one play down... one to go. I have very few days off before my next play goes up at the end of the month, so I doubt I'll get too much cooking in. HOWEVER.

I have some news.


This is beyond exciting. As you may know, I've been living with my parents for about two years now, and though I do love them, I feel like I can't truly "grow up" unless I am living on my own again. Below are some pictures from my Boston apartment I lived in during the last two years of college, that I miss sorely:

Wasn't it adorable? I plan on having an equally well-stocked kitchen and shockingly-pink-decorated room again :) I'll be rooming with my theater buddy, Reggie, and we are so excited for all the various shenanigans we'll certainly get into. Plus another friend of mine lives in the same complex, and we are already absolutely giddy about the recipes we will create together. SHE HAS A KITCHEN-AID MIXER. I am envy-ing all over the place.

This complex also has a pool. And I can get a cat. I CAN GET A CAT!

We have paid the deposit, viewed other apartments in the complex, and as long as our apartment looks good and pretty as of March 1st we are all set to move in!

Though it puts my plans for moving to LA on hold for the time being, I know it's the right decision. I need my own space (and kitchen!!) and I need to be at my wonderful job right now. Plus, I need to remind myself how to pay bills like an adult if I'm going to end up doing it on the other side of the country, right?

Guys, this means recipes. Soon. Lots of them.

Mid-March cannot come soon enough!


  1. that in-between phase in relationships is always so awkward around holidays like this! I hate it.

    But MAJOR yay on the apartment news! I'm SO excited for you!

  2. Congratulations on your apartment! I'm so happy for you! And the steak with gorgonzola butter - divine.

  3. That is really great about your apartment! I remember my first one..when I was all moved in I was running from room to room yelling "Yes! Yes!" and doing that Rocky thing with the arms and fists. And having everything in it about me, not them. And then you get married and have kids and nothing is about you again. Ever. lol. Enjoy it, kiddo.