Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stand Against SOPA

As a relatively new novice spare-time chef, I am not quite at the point where I can whip up a recipe entirely on my own every time (when I do I get really excited though!). So this blog, as it is a collection of my favorite recipes and a documented account of my kitchen foibles, contains a lot of recipes that are not my own.

Like the good little Writing Literature & Publishing BFA Degree holder that I am, I always cite my sources. Any blog I get a recipe from, even if I modify it a bit, gets a link. Every cook book that I use, I give credit, and often will link to where you can buy the book yourself. In no way do I claim the recipes are my own, and even in the rare occasion that I think I have made something up myself I would definitely give credit where credit was due if I discovered I was actually just remembering a recipe I'd read elsewhere.

I'm not sure if this would be considered illegal of SOPA and PIPA pass. But as a low-income 20-something with loads of student debt over my head (thanks BFA degree, bah!) it's not a chance I'd be willing to take. I fear car repairs that total over $100--currently trying to convince myself I don't need to pay to flush my transmission fluids despite my mechanic suggesting it during my oil change this morning actually--the thought of a LAWSUIT for something as simple as sharing some internet content sends me into a bout of anxiety.

How scary is that? I would silence myself out of fear. Who else would do the same? My blog is insignificant, it is a fun little experiment of my own life. But what about websites that are far more important? When Osama Bin Laden was killed, most of my generation heard the news via Facebook and Twitter. In less than a day the whole world knew what had happened. That is powerful. And that power is in serious jeopardy.

I'm not going to pretend I've read SOPA and PIPA intensively--I haven't. But from what I HAVE heard, what I've seen, and the current internet blackout has me concerned. This is NOT America.

Sign the petition. Call your local representatives. Blog about it. Facebook it, Tweet it, run out into the street and scream it.

For the sake of all bloggers out there. For the sake of your freedom. This isn't something to be ignored.

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