Monday, November 28, 2011

Merry Cyber Monday to All!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of family and friends and delicious food. We usually have a small, immediate-family-only dinner but a huge bird, so I'm sure I'll be dining on turkey leftovers for days to come. I'm loving Pioneer Woman's leftover turkey panini and re-created it the other night with some substitutions, perhaps I'll share it with you all. It truly was divine and if you have the extra additions she suggests laying around I insist you try it!

Somewhat big, silly news: I finally took the plunge and ordered my first digital DSLR camera. It was a Cyber Monday deal, I just got my check for the article that's getting published, and I've been wanting this dang thing for a long time now.

Merry Christmas to me :)*

Finally having good quality photos will definitely be a factor in giving this blog a comeback! I can't wait!!

In other news: which recipe would you like first? Oreo cheesecake truffles or Peppermint Bark pretzels?

*Now that I've successfully used Black Friday and Cyber Monday to shop entirely for myself (work clothes and now a camera--some birthday gifts for my mom too though), I think I should donate any extra cash I have at the end of the season to my favorite charity: Autism Speaks. Those who know me know how important this cause is to me--my first tattoo being a symbol of that dedication as well--and if you'd like to donate as well please use this link to go to my donations page!


  1. Woot woot! Congrats on the DSLR plunge!

    Oreo truffles please!

  2. Congratulations on getting a DSLR! Very cool!