Thursday, October 20, 2011

Things I've Been Eating -- Portland, ME

The weekend following my trip to NYC was equally special--I met up with two of my other college roommates (from the dorms, whereas the NYC former roommates were from my Brookline apartment) for a fun-filled weekend in Maine, where Jill is currently living. She had been raving about the food to me for months so I was excited to try some!

We had a midafternoon snack at Gorgeous Gelato while we roamed the quaint streets and popped in and out of the many adorable souvenir shops. And, holy cow. This stuff is AMAZING. I've only had gelato a few times, less than five definitely, with two of those times being in Italy, and I have never had anything so amazingly decadent. This gelato was to DIE for. I scarfed down my little cup in a matter of minutes.

The decor is beautiful too. I chose the pineapple with a scoop of caramel... something. I can't remember what the actual flavor was. The creamy caramel with the tart pineapple was just the perfect flavor combo--like a classy orange creamsicle except with pineapple. I wanted to stay and just try every flavor, but we had

That is probably the most desk-top-ish picture I've ever taken.

We didn't really have the time (or, truthfully, the money) to sit down for dinner more than once, but I'm glad we got to share some amazing appetizers at Nosh. Next time I'm in town I'd like to eat a full meal here, the offerings look absolutely amazing. I'm a huge fan of the whole concept of "gourmet pub food" and Nosh has got it down to a t.

Not as "loaded" as other nachos out there, but the flavor is spectacular. Just enough toppings to taste delicious but not soggy and weighed-down.

The northern US and into Canada love a silly-sounding little snack called cheese curds. I've sampled fresh, non-breaded ones before and I describe the taste as "high quality string cheese"--they're good. Deep fried and tossed with hot peppers with a chipotle mayo dip? Fantastic.

The salt and cracked pepper fries were our final pick. Somehow these just tasted like the best fries ever. More chipotle mayo for dipping, but there is a LIST of options and I cannot wait to return and try some more. I really wanted to steal that little bucket...

We continued our college tradition of "pre-gaming" before a night out at the bars by making mulled apple cider. We're very classy ladies. We found "real" recipes online but since we were just boozing this thing up we made do with what we had: apple cider, spiced rum, cinnamon, nutmeg, orange juice. It worked beautifully and we all had a nice, warm buzz before hitting the bars.

Finally, at 2 am (bars close around 1 in Portland) we found ourselves at Five Guys--the "In-n-Out of the East" as I've heard it called. In truth, I was a little too tipsy to really give a good review of this burger. I also forgot to ask for ketchup and mustard and instead just ordered it with mayo and pickles. Everyone at the table thoroughly enjoyed their burgers, despite the long wait. I've heard there's a Five Guys near here though, so I'll be sure to give a more accurate reading next time.

I missed my old buddies dearly. I'm happy we got to meet up again, and took less than a year to do it this time! Hopefully we'll be up to Portland again soon. It really is a beautiful place.

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  1. I've been to Nosh before. I like their beer selection but their food didn't really wow me.