Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Weekend and Things I Ate -- Fair Food and Apple Picking

I tend to fantasize about running far, far away from Massachusetts. Not that I don't love my home state, I do, and dearly, and I do hope I end up growing old here someday. But 24 years is far too long to stay put and 24 is WAY. TOO. MANY. NEW. ENGLAND. WINTERS.

And though I know I will be here for a while still, before I make my grand escape to a milder climate for a few years, there is one thing I know I will miss:

New England Autumn.

At the fair with friends!
It's the last beautiful hurrah before the snow falls and we all are in a quasi-state of hibernation until often mid-April. And what comes with Autumn? FAIRS. In particular, The Big E! This year I decided I should be in a constant state of eating things the entire time I am at the fair. I very nearly completed this too!--Now I feel like I need to take a Vegan diet for a week to detox from the insane amount of calories, sugar, and grease, but that's neither here nor there.

Started off with a footlong corndog (my first corn dog EVER to be precise), some fair fries, and an ice cold coke.

Next was a lobster roll from the Massachusetts Building

An alcoholic mid-day drink (I had the blue moon)

I found the stockpile of Shock Top too...

Dinner was veggie tempura with Ranch dressing (and of COURSE another ice cold coke)

The FAMOUS Maine Baked Potato from the Maine building--the line is always loooong but so, SO worth it.

And here's just a neat picture I took as the sun was setting:

 Sadly, I entirely forgot to take pictures of my "desserts" along the way: Maple cream cone, maple sugar cotton candy, and a slice of deep fried cheesecake. I maaay return Wednesday to consume some more hideous amounts of food, but I am very satisfied with all my goodies. Gotta love the fair! :)

 I also participated in the Western Massachusetts Walk Now for Autism Speaks walk. I reached my personal goal of $200 within a few short days thanks to generous donations to coworkers and friends. This is a cause that is very close to my heart (as I've alluded to in previous posts), and I was so happy to support it this weekend. I walked with my cousin and it was a gorgeous day and a really fun time!

And today, I went apple picking! I was fully expecting to pay $20 for a picking bag, as I've experienced at other places, but the prices for picking at Quonquonts in Whately were VERY reasonable! I never knew about this orchard and was expecting to have to drive forever to get to one of the orchards in the hilltowns, but a friend suggested this to me and I'm so glad I went! My friend and I each picked a peck of Gala, Macoun, Macintosh, Empire, and Honey Gold apples. I fully intend on making homemade apple sauce, apple crisp, and perhaps a tart or pie in the near future. Be on the lookout!

And Recipe coming soon! Here's a little preview!

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins
Pumpkin Ravioli with Maple Cream Sauce

Chicken Piccata
Something with... apples?


  1. What fun the fair looked like! Such awesome food too! Graet photos, especially loved the sunset

  2. What fun times! I miss fall in New England. Enjoy a fresh McIntosh apple for me!

  3. Fair eats are always SO GOOD (but also SO BAD...if you know what I mean!). Sounds like you really conquered the best that the fair had to offer. I totally miss autumn in's the perfect season.

  4. I miss the Big E! Such a blatant excuse to spend all your money on heart-stopping fried food :)