Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tiny Pies! -- Peanutbutter Oreo Lattice Pies

These pies.

Are so delicious.

So amazing.

And SO easy to make!!

I found the recipe over at Picky Palate--the first but certainly not the last recipe I'll try from her. She has a treasure trove of sweets recipes and the s'mores stuffed chocolate chip cookies are definitely next on my list.

I ran out of oreos halfway through so I made some stuffed with cookie dough and some with peaches. They all were equally awesome. I strongly suggest a large glass of milk with these though, as they are rather rich.

I brought the hoard to the office and they were gobbled up almost immediately.

Oreo Peanutbutter Tiny Pies
(From Picky Palate)

  • Store-bought pie crust (make your own if you're super fancy, I'm not)
  • Peanutbutter
  • Oreos
  • Cooking Spray

-Spray muffin tins with cooking spray. Roll out pie dough as flat as you can without it breaking. Use a wide mouthed glass to cut circles in the dough (use about 2/3 of the dough for this). Press circles into oiled muffin tin cups and smooth so that dough is evenly distributed.

-Layer oreos and peanutbutter inside dough cups. It will be about two oreos high.

-Cut remaining pie dough into strips and place over cups in a pie-crust-type pattern. I did half with the fancy lattice over-under pattern and half just criss crossing. I forgot a step here where you brush butter on the tops and sprinkle sugar on it, but they came out fine without.

-Bake according to pie dough package (this was 10 minutes at 400 for mine).

*For alternate pies* I just put raw cookie dough into some of the remaining cups, only latticing a few since I figured the dough would puff up a ton. The peach pies were made with overripe peaches that had been skinned and cubed and mixed with orange juice and brown sugar.


  1. I love little foods pies, muffins anything really. This way you can have seconds and thirds and still not eat as much as one big one.

  2. PB + Oreos = a match made in Heaven!

  3. oh my....oreos and peanut butter in a pie? That is too ridiculously delicious to be this easy. I am making these for my next special event. People will die :-)

  4. These look so scrumptious and I love the tiny individual portions!

  5. So cute, and I'm sure they're delicious, too!