Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Thought You Should Know...

New 'do
...I got a haircut! Or, rather, a trim with bangs and a front angle. But it totally has changed my look so it seems like a way more drastic cut than it actually was. Fun fact: this was the only picture I wasn't embarrassed to post, since I am totally one of those girls who makes an entire Facebook album of pictures of herself upon getting a haircut and I went WAY too pouty-emo-face. You all don't need to see that. 

For comparison: Here's me with my former hair, being waaay
too excited about finding a tiny eggplant

So...What does this have to do with food?

Not much at all really. I just felt like posting about it. However, I cannot eat with hair in my face so the bangs were probably poor planning on my part because they're already thoroughly driving me nuts.

I just felt like a change was necessary :)

Upcoming things:
  • New camera was put on the back-burner because I'm deciding that getting my own apartment should probably be the first big ticket item I squirrel away money for. So my picture quality will continue to be crummy cell phone pictures and borrowed cameras for a while yet.

  • I've been hired to write my first freelance writing piece! It's 800 words for a family magazine (for a travel piece!) with a readership of about 2 million so I'm clearly excited. If all goes according to plan, it'll run in the spring. More details to come!

  • Contemplating buying a domain name for this place in the next month or two. Suggestions on what I should use? seems a little cumbersome but perhaps it's just the best fit.

  • I'm realizing more and more that I should dust off my long-buried knowledge of HTML and create a proper blog layout for this place. Just need to get a decent photo editing/picture drawing program, heh.

  • Tried out for another play--fingers crossed please!
Here's me as Bonnie in Anything Goes, the last play I was in.
Did I mention I am also a theater nerd?

  • Breakupsville Update: Still going strong. Having moments of weakness, but pulling through. Pretty much I'm absolutely fine until something pops up on Facebook that vaguely mentions him or a picture he's in, or when we have to converse about how I'm going to retrieve my things from his apartment and I end up in tears. Also, I'm definitely not used to being single and though I'm totally not ready to start dating again I've had some awkward encounters with potential suitors that I probably should have avoided better. I guess I'm just a relationship person and if I feel a connection with someone I'm just going to go for it, whether or not I may be "ready." Probably not the best way to go about things, so my plan for the moment is just to cool it and focus more strongly on friends--because I've found I have an excellent, awesome support group.
Seriously, all you guys, real-life friends and my little gaggle of loyal commenters and supporters, you all rock. Thank you so much for everything. In the grand scheme of things my breakup is not that big of a deal and years from now I'll wonder why I put so much energy into it. But for now, while it's still fresh, the support is so appreciated. Love you all, I do.


  1. First, you look adorable with the bangs. Love it!
    Second, I think that name may be really neat quarterlifecrisiscuisine But why do you need the crisis in there? How bout quarterlifecuisine
    Just a thought!

  2. I like Maris's suggestion on the domain name. It's cute. Also, I agree that the bangs are cute. Also, I just saw Anything Goes in New York this past weekend and just loved it. It's such a cute musical! I'm still humming a lot of the songs. Bonnie would be such a fun role to play. Hope you get the next part you auditioned for.

  3. Love the new hair! When I first got bangs, they annoyed me to death for the first week...but I got used to them.

    Don't minimize the break-up! yeah, in a year you'll probably wonder why you wasted your energy but that doesn't make what you feel now any less valid!

  4. Love the bangs, you look so cute! Stay strong, be well!