Monday, July 18, 2011

Sticking to the Don't Be Depressed Diet -- Sloppy Joes!

No recipe yet folks, hang in there. Potential new recipe happening tomorrow if all goes according to plan though. Anyway.

So it was an emotionally charged day in the land of Breakupsville. Had another difficult conversation, unfriended him from my Facebook. Phone deleting will come next, probably once I get my stuff back. I found myself hiding my tear-swollen eyes behind my bug-eye sunglasses and ferociously reading the third Chelsea Handler to get my spirits up (I have now completed My Horizontal Life and Are You There God, It's Me Chelsea since becoming single--wonder if she'd be pleased to know she helping me get over my breakup by being absolutely hilarious? Probably not, she's kind of a biatch...) and trying to keep my phone very far away. Kind of failed at that actually.

As per usual, the appetite went away. I had reserved myself to a night of moping and falling asleep with an empty belly. One step closer to revenge body, right?

No. Sloppy joes were for dinner. And if any of you have been around since my wicked early posts, you'll know that sloppy joes are one of my ultimate comfort foods. I decided to start watching The Big C and eat some food. Some delicious food.

The Big C is a really amazing show I am finding, as I am already 1.5 episodes in. Inspirational and all that. If your life sucks, FIX IT. And hey, things could always be worse. I'm lucky that the only thing I'm mending is a broken heart.

Oh here's some pictures of me posing with my sloppy joe whilst wearing a pouty face. I forget that not all of the internet is MySpace and that I am not 14 anymore sometimes. I think that's okay though.

Edit: Request for sloppy joe recipe? Haha... Manwich sauce + ground beef + buttered and toasted hamburg roll = taaa-dahhh! I never said it was a GOURMET sloppy joe...

Also, found this piece I wrote the last time I was in singletown. It's dated and it's corny as all hell (I like my breakup post here better), but it sill rings true in a lot of cases.


  1. you look adorable in these photos! Post the recipe!

  2. I love sloppy joes! Hang in there!

  3. Sloppy joes are a great comfort food. I haven't seen the Big C, but I do agree that there is a lot that we can change about our lives if we are willing to put forward the effort. Glad you're still hanging in there and making good steps in your new, exciting chapter in life.