Monday, May 23, 2011

Quick & Easy Thai Adventure, Sneak Peek!

So I haven't had time to throw together a proper post, but here's a sneak peek! I was going to make one big epic post, but I might actually break it up into three posts to really highlight each part of this really amazing meal.

This weekend I was inspired to pull out my box o' cookbooks that I got upon completion of my internship with Lisa Ekus last summer. Since I'd recently made a special trip to the Asian food mart across the river, I decided to try my hand at Thai cooking for the very first time. This was actually one of the first cookbooks I chose on my last day when Lisa's colleagues led me to the book room to pick out some to take home. I looove Thai food and trying new and exotic recipes, so this was really an adventure.

Quick & Easy Thai, 70 Everyday Recipes by Nancie McDermott.

Quick & Easy Thai by Nancie McDermott
I didn't realize until I'd already started cooking--I've actually met Nancie! She came up to Lisa's office one day while I was interning--I forget if she was on a book tour or doing media training. I do remember upon meeting her I stuck out my hand and she said "Oh I'm from the South, we HUG!" She was a very bubbly, happy person and after finally reading through this book and testing a few recipes I can safely say: boy, is she talented too!

The title is correct, these recipes are so easy and take less than an hour. I appreciated how she gave suggestions for substitutions. For example, I couldn't find a hot green chile, but the glossary in the back assured me I could sub in jalapenos--which is exactly what I did and it was still amazing.

Tomorrow I'll have a real post, but here are some teaser pictures of what I made (I apologize for photo quality, I still have no real camera)


  1. I kind of want to hear more about what you did at Lisa Ekus... I'm a little bit jealous. And I don't make much Thai food... it sounds like I need this book.

  2. I love Thai food, too. How cool that you met that author! I can't wait to see the recipes.

  3. How thrilling for you to meet the author! Well this dish looks like you made her proud!

  4. Oh yummy!!! I love that you picked out a book that you also met the author of, so neat!

    I can't wait to see the recipe for this. It looks amazing.