Saturday, March 26, 2011

Things I Need to Have a Successful Cooking Blog

-A new camera so my creations don't translate to "colorful poo" on this blog
-Any sort of semblance of food photography knowledge
-Pretty serving plates/napkins/placemats for said photos
-A better blog layout

Though this blog is still a baby, and I'm trying to keep internet-anonymous for the most part for a while until some personal things blow over, I still want this blog to have a little bit of an active following. I'm realizing that the most successful cooking blogs are not only great recipes (or easy recipes, or recipes-on-a-budget) but also gorgeous food photography. That is a piece that I am seriously lacking here, and I don't see anything getting better until I can make my photos look a little less crappy.

Though I did find my trusty old camera before my LA trip, I've found that the 9/10 times I'm cooking at my boyfriend's house* it's dark outside and his florescent light overhead makes my pictures come out pretty crappy. My flash washes them out and then we get what you see here: poop-food-photos.

Also, despite having taught myself web design in elementary school, I haven't had a chance to utilize my knowledge in a long time. The one time I did for a class it was quite the struggle. This pink business is not my fave, but it'll have to do until I can set aside some time to really pick my brain and try to do something about it.

But yeah, I guess the lack of recognition is good for now. I've learned my lesson in not being careful on the internet, so until I can come up with a good game plan for promotion with a site I can actually feel proud about--sans blogger-freebie-layout and poopy pics--I can be content in the internet shadows.

*I live with my parents but spend half the time at my boyfriend's house, so I really have no kitchen to call my own. The 'rents are pretty strict about their kitchen and it's pretty small so if they already have dinner planned, I'm out of luck in recipe experimentation. I'm hoping that in a year or so I can get my own place, but until then I'm a kitchen leaser between these two.

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  1. I remember how difficult it was before I had my own kitchen to really branch out there and create new recipes! But I promise the time for you to have your own will come before you know it! And I think the pink background is pretty :) Hope you have a great weekend!