Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Impending Trip, Blog Idea!

Today my boyfriend and I officially booked our Los Angeles getaway in two weeks. I've never been to the West Coast, so this is endlessly exciting for me.

Have I mentioned yet that I'm a foodie waiting to happen? Maybe it's just Travel Channel Propaganda, but LA seems like a wonderful food city, and I can't wait to take a bite.

Unfortunately, the trip is turning out to already be a lot more expensive than we realized (direct flights, hotel with a pool, and traveller's insurance will do that) so I'm thinking one fancy dinner out is all we'll be able to swing with everything else we want to do.

Foodnews Journal had an In-N-Out article in it today, accompanied by drool-worthy photos of the signature burgers, making me wish there was one anywhere near me up in the Northeast. Also, no Sonic. No Carl's Jr. No Fatburger. And no food trucks!

Sidenote, are there any Eastern fast food joints that aren't out West? I can't think of any besides Papa Gino's...

Anyway. So here is the plan: I want to try at least three fast food places out West that are nonexistent here in the East, and review them in this here blog. In-N-Out will be first, as I plan on making the boyfriend pull over at the one near LAX immediately upon arrival as I'm certain we'll be famished. I'll take pictures, take bites, share my thoughts.

Food trucks won't count, but I'm praying I stumble upon a Korean-Mexican infusion one at least. I've seen pictures of Korean Tacos that look heavenly.

I just got really excited about this idea and felt the need to share. I know nobody reads this yet, but whatevs. My stomach is growling already!


  1. Bee,

    There are now 2 Sonics here in wonderful MA. If you are ever out in the Boston area, there is one in Peabody on Rt. 1, as well as one on Main Street in Wilmington! :D

    Your trip to LA sounds like it is going to be wonderful! I have seen shows about the Food trucks on the Cooking Channel, and they do look delish!

  2. I have only been to the one in Peabody, and it was amazing! I can't remember what I got, but it was delicious. Just be prepared to eat either in your car or on a picnic table (it's a warm weather kind of trip). :)

    Yay! My first follower! :D